November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, May 24, 2007


We had our first appointment yesterday and it was so AMAZING!!! The little heartbeat was 160 bpm and going strong. We can't even explain the emotions that we had in that ultrasound room. Our due date is January 8, 2008. Overall, I am feeling alright. Morning, afternoon and evening sickness has been going on for about two weeks, but I found the trick is to eat small meals throughout the day to help with the nauseous. Also, I am extremely tired. But, it is going to be so worth it come January. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy nine months.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!!!! We are taking mom out to eat at Outback for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, we can't see Lesley and Joyce, but David and I called them this morning to wish them a special day!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sprinkler System-COMPLETED!!!

Enjoying the fine Mexican cuisine of Mi Burrito!!

Man, you can tell they are father and son.

A pretty island at the Lake Ouachita.

The kiss picture that Ken loves to take!!

They love the water, even if it is not crystal clear.

Three generations of wonderful men!!

The greatest father-in-law in the world!!

Just chillin on the boat!!

Getting ready to leave for the lake.

Ken and Katie, she is such a cuddle bug.

Long story, but David never uses the left side of the sink, so Ken had to put water beads in it :)

David and his dad-they are such great friend!!

The sweetest Grandpa in the world!!!!

Ken cleaning off from a hard day of work on the sprinkler system.

Finally finished and testing all the zones.

The timer for the sprinkler system.

David and Lacey in the backyard, this was the last day of work.

I can't remember what they said this was, but it is very important :)

Tom hard at work on the last work day.

David and Ken hard at work.
After the first day of trenching!!

David and his grandpa finally getting to rest for the day!!

Just talking about how much work is ahead.

The trenching begins.

Just a few of the rocks that they ran into.

David makes it look easy, but we know that it wasn't.

Tom working on getting some rocks out.

More trenching

Let the work begin.

The beginning of the sprinkler system.

David's dad and grandpa came to visit us from April 18-21 from Florida. It was a very productive few days. Ken put lots of time into the planning of the installation of the sprinkler system weeks before they even arrived. The guys did do very hard intense labor work, but on Saturday we took them to Lake Ouachita to see beautiful Arkansas and just to relax from all their hard work.

Day One: The trenching begins. Ken and Tom did not think they could do that in the half of day that David rented the machine, but somehow they pulled it off a million rocks later. After they called it a day, we had dinner and just relaxed on the deck. The weather was beautiful the whole time during their visit.

Day Two: David, Ken and Tom began the morning with some coffee and breakfast pastries, then off to work. They had to go return the trenching machine and pick up some more parts that they needed. They actually began work around 1:00 pm that afternoon. They worked very hard the rest of the day. After the work was done we grilled hamburgers on the grill and called it a night very early.
FYI: Blogger is really starting to frustrate me, the pictures never appear in the order that I want them or location, so please just enjoy the captions below them. Sorry!!
Day Three: The work on the sprinkler system continued. They actually finished at the end of the day. I can't believe how fast it was finished. What can I say, those three work great as a team. We ended up ordering pizza and wings around 9pm that night for dinner.
Day Four: We got and headed out to the lake for the day. It was a beautiful day with a great breeze. Ken gave David some pointers on boating. Once, we got back home Tom took a nap while David and Ken cleaned the boat. My job is to unload the cooler, bags, etc. We then decided to go to Mi Burrito for dinner and as always it was great.
Day Five: Ken and Tom left that morning to go back home. David and I took them to the airport and of course I teared up. I really wished that we could live closer to them. We miss you guys very much!!! We are very grateful for the hard work that you put into our sprinkler system. So, now David can enjoy a beautiful green yard without moving the hose and sprinkler around from the time he gets home to the time he goes to bed. WE LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Camping on Lake Ouachita!!

There were lots of sailboats out that day!!

Katie and Lacey cooling off!!!

The island across from us.

Our campsite!!

The close-up shot.

David just enjoying the nice view!!

Just relaxing with a cold beverage!!

Katie and David floating around!!

I am just relaxing.

Our boat!!

Getting driving lessons from David :)

Katie and Lacey just hanging out!!

Trying to attempt to skip rocks.

What a beautiful sunset!!

David loves his Cheetos!!

David kept the fire going full blast!!

Roasting some hot dogs for dinner

Katie decided to call it a night!!
David and I took the boat out on Saturday to Lake Ouachita to scope out an island to camp on. We found a perfect one and we got all set up and pretty much just relaxed the rest of the day. The only bad part about the whole trip is that we did not bring our air mattress, due to limited space on the boat and we only had sleeping bags. There were lots of rocks poking through out tent, but we survived and it was a great weekend!!!