November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mother's Day weekend was so relaxing.....

Mother's Day weekend was so relaxing!!  David gave me two nights away at a hotel, so I could get lots and lots of sleep.  I spent the night at Embassy Suites on Friday and Saturday night.  It was so much fun, I did nothing but sleep and eat.  Also, that weekend my good friend Mary Ann had her sweet baby boy Jacob :)  I had to go cuddle him for a few hours during my mommy break.  Congrats to Mike, Mary Ann and big sister Anna Kate :)  On Sunday, we went to Sarah's and had dinner and the kids played outside forever with Uncle Jason!!  It was a much needed relaxing weekend.  Thanks to sweet David for giving me a break!!

Jacob is perfect!!

Grandma Pat getting some Cohen love.
The kids had way too much in the wheel barrow with Uncle Jason.
My sweet sister and I.  A big announcement is coming soon :)  Stay tuned!!!

Beginning of May happenings....

Here are just a few random shots from May.  The month of May was filled with birthday parties, Uncle Kevin's visit, Mother's Day and lots of playtime :)

Headed to church with my three babies!!

Corbin looking handsome in his cowboy pj's after bath time.

Sissy got me with the marker.

Lacey trying to enjoy a cooler evening, the poor dogs are not fans of this heat.
Little Cohen's funny bath faces.

He is so funny!!

Looking pretty in purple headed to Mother's Day Out!!
Poor Cohen was so tired he passed out while I was getting Caroline and Corbin ready for school.
Biggest smile ever.

A little tummy time for Cohen.
Caroline pouting for some reason!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

6-month comparison of my sweet babies!!

Here is my 6-month comparison of the three little ones:

 Caroline-6 months (so much chunkier than the boys)
 Corbin-6 months

Cohen-6 months

5-month Comparison photos of the three babies!!

I promise if anyone still follows our blog, I am going to get the blog back up to date, we have been so busy all summer.  But, here is the 5-month comparison pictures of my sweet babies.

 Caroline-5 months
 Corbin-5 months
Cohen-5 months

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corbin you are TWO years old and here is my letter to you!!!!

Dear Corbin,
I can't seem to grasp it has already been two years since you came into this world.  It still feels like it was only yesterday and it also seems hard to remember any time before you were born since you came into our lives only 12.5 months after your big sister Caroline. I feel like you have always been here with us and I can't imagine our lives without you in it. When, I first found out you were a boy I didn't now what I was going to do because I just had a feeling a second little girl was on the way. Seeing you grow into a toddler and the most handsome little boy has been such a pleasure.  I have enjoyed every second of it. You are so different from Caroline, but also so  much like her. She is by far your best friend.  You love life no matter what you are doing, you have the Corbin heart melting smile on your face 99% of the time.  You love to copy everything Caroline does.  Caroline will sometimes know you both are not supposed to be doing something and tells you to do it and you listen to her.  I know soon you will know not to listen to everything Caroline tells you to do :)  You make me laugh so much everyday.  You love your daddy sooo much, but at this very moment and the past two years, you have been such a mama's boy. You are doing things now that amaze me. I love your sense of humor. You have some “class clown” tendencies (I don’t know where you got that from) already showing. I love how you crack that half-way, devious little smile. You have this look about you sometimes when you are about to do something crazy and I appreciate the look because sometimes your daddy and I can stop you based on the look in your eyes.  Your favorite character is Elmo, but you also love playing with trucks, blocks, puzzles and even dress up with Caroline.  You are so good at playing independently in the playroom until you and Caroline has a disagreement.  That usually leads to hitting or pulling hair, so mommy and daddy have to come in and referee.  You love Cohen so much, but since he was born you have been just a little too rough for him.  I know in the next year or so, you will be so close to him.  You are still my best sleeper by far.  You sleep 10-12 hours at night and take one 2-3 hour nap during the day.  You always have to have your blankie and paci.  I hate to do this but we are going to have to retire your paci soon.  You are talking so much and I just feel it can hold back your speech.  You are talking so much more than Caroline was at this age and I am sure Caroline has been a huge influence on you.  You are still sleeping in your crib and I think I will keep it that way a little longer.  You love to play outside and have a very big love for water.  You have ZERO fear and that scares mommy to death.  You love to eat almost anything.  I am pretty sure you could eat a whole pizza on your own.  This past year, you and your sister forced me to read The Strong Willed Child. You were all through the book. I want you to hear this from me (even though you are 18 while you are reading this), I will do everything I can to preserve and celebrate the spirit that God has given you, but the discipline you receive is designed to conform your will. I can see this is a struggle that we will deal with as a family for a long time, but it won’t stop the love. I love you. I tell you that often. I will always tell you that. When I spank you, I love how you want to run up into my arms. As long as I am alive, my arms are always here for you, your sister and your baby brother.  I can’t wait to see how God reveals more of the way he has molded your personality as we walk together through your second year together.
Lastly there are some very important things I want you to know as you read this when you are much older.
There are a few things that I always want you to know and you will probably see this in all the letters I write to you. You are not my first priority. You are not even second. I will do all I can to show that my first allegiance is to Jesus Christ and the Gospel.
My second priority is your daddy. I love you very much (have I said that already?), but your daddy outranks you son. I am raising you to leave the nest one day, but if daddy leaves, mommy is going with him. I have made a commitment to him for life. Boy have I screwed up sometimes and yes we are both passionate, even in our arguing. Just recently we both realized why we can’t have you and your siblings first priority.  It has to be about “us” to keep this family working.  With all that said, there has never been a day when I questioned the commitment of your dad to this relationship.  I hope you see your daddy and I laughing a lot. He is very funny (sometimes I think he is just plain nuts). I hope that our marriage will provide a blanket of security for you, Caroline and Cohen because you can know without a doubt that this marriage can and will only be separated by death. More than that, I hope you see (even in my failures) a picture of Christ and the church when you see your daddy and I together.
You are a big ball of energy. You never seem to stop. You amaze me at times at how smart you are (you get that from your sister). I treasure you, Caroline and Cohen with all my heart. I hope that the love that you have for each other grows each day, month, and year.
I want to finish up this letter by letting you know some of the things that I pray for you.

Your salvation. I can’t do it for you son, but I am begging God to light a fire in your soul for the majesty and name of Christ. It is a work dependent on God and so I pray my heart out for you on this matter.

My discipline for you. I ask God for a lot of wisdom when it comes to your discipline and upbringing. I am hoping that as we conform your will under your parents, that I am not breaking your spirit.

Your calling. I want you to know that I am ok with God taking you to a dangerous place for his Namesake. We need and I am confident will still need bold and courageous men who are willing to forsake all to plant churches all over the world. I confess that it is an easier prayer right now I think. I see you small and needy still, but one day you are going to grow into a fine young man. When that time comes, that same prayer will be hard but I plan to pray it. There is nothing more important on this earth than Jesus. No matter where God places you in life, I pray that you are a witness for his glory.

 9 days old-2009
 1-year old July 2010
2-years old July 2011

Here are you TWO year stats and you got a perfect check up.  You and your sister weigh the same and you are only 1.5 inches shorter than her, but you are so solid. 
Weight:  31 pounds~ 83% percentile
Height:  36.5 inches94% percentile
Cannot say enough about how you are a treasured gift from God. We prayed to have a son to rasie to have and God brought you at the right moment in time for your daddy and I. (Even though you and Caroline are so close in age). You were made by a loving creator and fashioned to be an image bearer of a unbelievable God.

I love you more than you could ever know and as long as I have breath in my body, I will be here for you.

Head:  19.5 inches~ 73% percentile

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet boy Corbin!!

Happy Birthday Corbin!!  It is really late and we have had a super busy day, so mommy will add more pictures of you at birth, one and two soon.  I am also writing you a special letter so you will always know how special you are to me and all the things you are doing at two years old :) 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious daughter!!

To my sweet Caroline:

This past year went by way too fast for me!!! I can't believe that you are three years old. It literally seems like yesterday I was in the hospital and bringing you home for the first time. You gave us a run for our money without a doubt the first year and you still are :) It seems like yesterday you had your first smile, said your first word and took your first steps. I truly feel like you skipped the whole toddler stage and went straight to a little girl. Caroline, you amaze me everyday at your inner and outer beauty, you have such a big heart to just be three and your vocabulary is unbelievable for your age. You never forget anything, which is sometimes a good and sometimes a bad thing. You are very tall and thin for your age with beautiful blue eyes and the prettiest brown hair with a tint of red highlights. This past year has been so much fun watching you grow and learn to do so many things independently. You are 100% potty trained and you do so well with very few accidents. My favorite thing to do is just stand back when you don't know I am watching you and just look how much you have grown in three years. You are the boss of your two little brothers and you are the BEST big sister ever. You help mommy everyday with baby Cohen and you and Corbin are best friends almost all the time. You melt my heart everyday with the love you show me, you give me random kisses and hugs all throughout the day without me even asking for them. You tell mommy and daddy how much you love us nonstop and you always add in "to the moon and stars back". You always tell me "You look pretty mommy", even when I am at my worst :) You ask me many questions everyday and catch on to things very fast. You are very outgoing to everyone you meet. You have so many friends and you constantly talk about them. You are really into anything that has to do with Cinderella or princess theme. You are very girlie, but can also wrestle and be my little tomboy with Corbin. You do aggravate Corbin a lot, but I am sure that will never change, just remember he will get you back some day sis. You are still very attached to your little blanket and in the past year you have upgraded to the big girl bed. You sleep great at night, but you do wake up much earlier now. You are not a fan of naps anymore, but I still have you rest in your bed everyday. You love singing all the time. Your favorite songs to sing at the moment are: Jesus Loves Me, Jingle Bells, Jesus Love the Little Children, Old MacDonald had a Farm and ABC's.  You also love to recite nursery rhymes and your favorite at the moment is Jack and Jill. You love to count, but you seem to always forget 6 or 7 for some reason. You love to do art, drawings, or anything that involves paint or glue. You love to be outside nonstop. Caroline Mae, I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You have a serious, busy, get-the-job done side (very OCD) to like your daddy and you also have very silly and talkative side to you which you get from your mommy and I think it is a great mix!! My prayer for you is that you'll love the Lord with all your heart and always put HIM first in everything you do. Through him, you be the strongest, bravest and most beautiful lady always. My bible verse to you as you turn 3 is:

"Have I not command you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

 3 days old-2008
 1st Birthday
 2nd Birthday
3 years old!!
I hope your 3rd year is the most fun yet :) Love you with all my heart, Mommy

3-year old stats: 
Weight:  31 pounds~53% percentile
Height:  38 inches~72% percentile