November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Monday, May 17, 2010

Corbin 9-month stats

Corbin got a great 9-month well check up. His stats were: Weight: 20 lbs 6 oz. (40%),
Height: 29 1/4 (75%), Head: 17 7/8 (50%). I can never say enough what a wonderful baby Corbin is, he is very calm and such a little cuddle bug, total opposite of Caroline. He is amazing how they just balance each other. He is a super fast crawler now. Corbin will crawl into the playroom and play for long periods of time all alone. I am constantly checking in on him, but he is just so content playing with all the toys. There has even been times when Caroline and Corbin will play in there together without mommy for a short period of time. That is like a 20 minute vacation for me, so that I can actually clean up the kitchen, laundry, etc. He wants to be everywhere that Caroline is. He is starting to try to copy everything, I love it. He will wave bye-bye and clap anytime you ask him. He is starting to babble non-stop. The funniest thing is when Caroline and Corbin get into screaming matches to see who can be the loudest!! He is still an awesome sleeper, mommy is very thankful for this :)
Corbin loves his sister's chair.
Doing his favorite thing, EATING!!

Sweet boy, I love this little boy. He melts my heart so many times a day.
Gorgeous blue eyes.

I wish this picture had sound, he is trying to talk over Caroline which is an everyday challenge of Corbin :)
On a mission, headed to the playroom.

Corbin loves the ball pit.

What are you doing over, Caroline?

Caroline has literally turned into a little girl. Yes, it has taken me this long to realize she isn't a little baby anymore. I try to make notes everyday of all the new things that she is saying :) We still have the pacifier, however, I cut the very tips of the green ones since we had them all over the house. Each time that Caroline would pick one up, she would suck on it for a minute and say "it boke", which means it is broke. So, goodbye green paci, now she found the pink soothie and is attached to that one. But, we only have one and I am going to try to take it away right after her birthday. Caroline is becoming very independent and wants to do everything herself. For the most part, I am very patient and let her try, but of course all you moms out there now, there is some days when the patient wears thin!! Anytime, Corbin cries now, she goes up and pats his back and says "it's o kay bubba". She is such a loving child 90 percent of the time. We have been talking about the potty, but we are taking it very slow. Once, I had Corbin I realized that I don't want to rush either one of them to grow up so fast!! Of course, there will come a time when I start the potty training very seriously, but for now we are just taking it slow. I am trying to slow down each day and take every moment with these precious babies in because it amazes me each day how fast they are growing. I mean seriously, how will Caroline be 2 in July and Corbin 1 in July :(
Playing in the playroom!!

Looking for Elmo!!
Playing with a sunshine she made :)

The "I am in trouble look".

Always wanting a snack.

Throwing the "green" paci away.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disney on Ice

David and I took Caroline to see Disney on Ice and she had a blast. My mom kept Corbin because it was right during his nap time and I thought he would enjoy it more next year anyways. As you can see in most of the pictures, Caroline could not take her eyes off the rink. We had great seats so she could see Mickey and everyone else very well!! It was some great memories with our little monkey :)

So serious

Wow, now what!!


Caroline hugging Avery during intermission.

This balloon did not last long before it popped, but Caroline had fun with it. She made sure to tell Corbin when we got home that it was "mine".

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caroline, Molly and Avery!!

The girls and Corbin checking out the Tiger!!
It was the giraffe's dinnertime!!

Corbin just hanging out as always :)

Avery making Corbin laugh.

Presley trying to get Corbin.

Caroline thinks she is 4 just like Molly :)
We went with the Lada family to the zoo a few weeks ago. The girls and one boy had a great time!! Caroline loved holding Molly's hand all afternoon, it was precious. We are so glad that we met the Lada family, they live right down the street from us and Caroline loves playing with the girls. However, Corbin is a little outnumbered, but there will be a day when he doesn't mind he is hanging out with all girls!!