November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lelly's May 2010 visit!!

Lesley enjoying her last night in Arkansas.

Lesley and I enjoying adult conversation without the babies :)

Ryan and David

I was so excited my friend Carol met us out there for awhile.

Caroline eating her breakfast and posing for Lelly.

Corbin and his silly faces.

Caroline loves Lelly.

Such a daddy's girl.

Telling Aunt Sarah about her boo boo.

Poor Corbin had Roseola in this picture, he was sick for almost four days with a high fever :(

But, he got lots of extra attention with Lelly being here.

Yes, we let Caroline color on this table ONLY because it is easy for washable crayons to wash off. The things we allow for cheap entertainment.

David hard a work in the back flower beds.

Lelly and her sweet little man.

Chunky Monkey is finally feeling better!!

Enjoying a walk on the Big Dam Bridge :)

Giving Lelly kisses.

Enjoying a snack.

David's mom came and stayed with us a little over a week. I got very spoiled having her here helping with the kids so much!! I was able to come and go all throughout the day, all you busy moms know how nice it is just to leave the house with no time restraints. Also, Lesley did so much yard work that had needed to be done for months. We took Lesley out the last night she was here to Denton's in Benton, they have great food and a live band. It was lots of fun. Caroline and Corbin got very attached to their Lelly while she was here. There were lots of tears shed after she left, we miss Lelly dearly and wishes she lived closer.

Mother's Day 2010

Wow, Mother's Day was so AWESOME this year!! David surprised me on Saturday and told me to go pack an overnight bag, I was off mommy duty and headed for a night away at the Peabody. I was so excited!! Lelly (David's mom) was in town visiting, so she kept her grand babies Saturday night while David and I had a nice evening away. I went to the hotel that afternoon and David had arranged a one-hour massage, it was soooo nice!! I then got ready and David met me for dinner at Bonefish Grill. We had planned to do something afterwards, but we were so full and tired, we just crashed at the hotel. Sunday morning we headed home and it was so nice to spend the day with my family. My mom literally cooked a feast and brought it over. David and I both enjoyed having both of our moms with us on Mother's Day. My sister, brother and brother-in-law also came over, wonderful day!! I am so blessed to be a MOMMY!!! The best job in the entire world!!

Mommy trying to grab a quick picture with my two babes.
Corbin loves Aunt Sarah.
Caroline hiding out in her Dora tent.

My beautiful sister.
Caroline loves her, or as she refers it "my sorrrr"=sarah
Trying to wiggle down and go play.

Giving her Grandma a flower.

Lelly and her grand babies.

David and his sweet mom.

View from my hotel room.

Getting ready to go eat dinner.

The Peabody ducks marching out in the morning.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spring Family Portraits 2010

Danielle Davis took our family pictures at Lake Willastein the first weekend in April. She did such a wonderful job. She was amazing, Danielle has three small girls, so she was very patient with my two little one :)