November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Friday, October 31, 2008


The Kelly's would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!! During my pregnancy, I went crazy and bought Caroline a few costumes. So, here is a sneak peek at her monkey suit, which I just purchased a few weeks ago. But, the other two pumpkin and bunny were before she was even born :) Here is just a few with the monkey suit, will post more after the weekend!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working on Naps!!!

Okay, all you moms out there, I need some advice. As most of you know, Caroline didn't sleep very much the first couple months of her life. So, out of desperation for me to get some sleep, I let her nap in her swing. Well, I am afraid that she is really used to that now. I am working on getting her to take naps in her crib. She usually takes 2-3 naps, if I am lucky. So, this morning I let her nap in her swing and right now she finally fell asleep in her crib for her after lunch nap. Please send any nap tips my way. Also, she is so active when she is awake, that within a hour or so, she gets so fussy and tired. But, I don't want her taking more than 3 naps during the day because she will be up all night :) I would love some advice!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10-year slideshow

They had a slide show of some of our junior and high school pics, here are a few from the past. Man, I look so young!!! Well, I guess it was 10 or more years ago :)

Conway High School Class Reunion Part 2

Valerie and I
Caroline all bundled up and playing with her tongue

My drooling baby, we are in for a long teething process!!

Katie, Baby Luke, Bern, Baby Jaxon, me and Baby Caroline

Katie and Luke

Bern and Caroline

Caroline, Bern, Will and Jaxon

Amanda and baby Madison

On Saturday morning we had a picnic at Toad Suck Park. There was so many babies and toddlers running around. It was great to see everyone and their families. It was a beautiful day and not too chilly.

Conway High School 10-year Reunion part 3

On the dance floor at the end of the night!!
Adam and I

David and I

Amy, Chassie, Alicia and Che-Che

Dance floor before the party got started

Joslin and I

Susan, Lesley, me and Amanda

Bern and Will

Valerie, me and Bern

Bern and I

Matt, me and Marc

Dawn and I

Sarah and I

Amanda and I

Jessica and I

Matt and Amanda

Clare, Valerie, Joslin, Seth, me and Matt

Me, Joslin and David

Breaking it down on the dance floor.

Susan and I

Valerie and Donnie

Sarah and I again

Sara and I

Susan, Joslin, Amanda, me and Dawn

Susan, Amanda, me, Dawn and Valerie

Valerie, me and Bern

Joslin and Valerie

Valerie and I

Lloyd, me and Dawn

The last part of the reunion was a semi-formal at the Conway Country Club. It was so much fun socializing and dancing the night away!!

Conway High School 10-year Reunion part 1

Joslin, me, Dawn and Mandie at the game
Caroline finally fell asleep at the game

Daddy snuggling with Caroline

The Skinner's at the Country Club

Seth and Matt

Lesley Skinner, me, Susan Mulhearn and Amanda Hartsfield

Lesley and I

Joslin, Dawn, Mandie and Melissa

Joslin Ashely and Lesley Skinner

Adam and Lesley (I love this one)

Adam Skinner and Joslin Ashley

I celebrated my 10-year class reunion this past weekend. It was so much fun!! We had three events. It started on Friday night with a meet and greet before the Conway High School homecoming football game. We then went to the football game. After the game, some friends and I went to Centennial Valley Country Club. Caroline didn't do very well at the game. She wasn't able to sleep during all the action at the game, so we left at halftime. She was so tired!!!