November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All the kids 3-months old...

 Caroline 3-months
 Corbin 3-months
Cohen 3-months

All the kids 2-months old...

 Caroline 2-months
 Corbin 2-months
Cohen 2-months

I get a lot of mixed reviews from family and friends..

Lately, everyone has been telling me that Cohen is starting to look a lot like Caroline.  It is so hard to tell for me because I see both Caroline and Corbin in him :)  Caroline was always a chunkier baby than Cohen so that probably has alot to do with it.  She was just plain shorter and fatter!!  I think I will go back to months 2 and 3 to compare too!!  It will be fun to compare each month until Cohen turns one.  Plus, I hope all three will enjoying looking back in the blog books at the comparisons.  So, what is your vote??
 Caroline 4-months
 Corbin 4-months
Cohen 4-months

Easter Morning at the Kelly house!!

Caroline and Corbin were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny came to visit.  I added some yummy chocolates in Cohen's, so he could share with mommy :|)

Since when does the Easter Bunny deliver bicycles??!! 
But, Caroline was a very happy girl.
Telling Corbin to look in his basket.

Jellybeans for breakfast.

Happy Boy!!  So thankful to see more of these moments then the endless hours of screaming!!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cohen too busy talking to eat :)

Easter at Grandma's!!

We went to my mom's for Easter lunch.  It was so much fun and of course she had enough food to feed an army.  Unfortunately, we didn't go to the Easter church service because Cohen was fussy that morning and I didn't want to put him in the nursery and I knew he would cry all during the service.  Thanks mom for the wonderful Easter lunch and all the goodies for the kiddos.

 Corbin opening his basket from Grandma.
 Sweet brothers.
 Caroline had fun carrying Chloe around.  This is my dog from college.
 Eating all the yummy food Grandma cooked.

 Ready for dessert.
 Caroline playing with Cohen's construction worker stuff from his basket.
 She wanted Mommy to wear it.
Corbin getting bored on the way home, covered himself with stickers.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

More Easter Bunny pictures.

From the previous Easter Bunny picture, you can see Corbin did not take to the bunny at all.  But, here are a few other pics.

 Waiting to meet the Easter Bunny.
 Poor Corbin.

 There wasn't a long line, so Caroline stayed and talked to the Easter Bunny forever.
She said "The Easter Bunny is my best friend today"  

Caroline and Corbin enjoying their Easter egg treats from Nana and Papa!!

Thanks Nana and Papa for the Easter egg filled with goodies we love it!!!

 So excited!!
This is the look I get from Caroline when I force her to hug her brother :)

Easter lunch with my Dad's side of the family :)

We had Easter lunch on Saturday with my dad's side of the family.  It is so bittersweet getting to see everyone, but I miss my dad so much.  I would love for him to share these precious moments with us.  Thanks Stan and Charlotte for a wonderful day :)

 Cohen getting spoiled by my cousin Kay :)
 Corbin once again ready to look for Easter eggs.
 Caroline and her second cousin Abbi.

 So excited she found a lot of eggs by the tree.

 Running to grab another egg.
 Stan and Charlotte's front porch was gorgeous.  They live out in the country and we all just loved it!
 Daddy helping Caroline open her eggs.
 Cohen was SLEEPY during all the excitement.
Enjoying a yummy sugar cookie.