November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I miss my DADDY so much!!

Yesterday was a sad day for me!! I can't believe it has already been 4 years since my dad went to heaven. I really wish he was here to share this special time in our lives. I know he is looking down and smiling knowing that he has a sweet granddaughter on the way!! He would of been such a wonderful grandpa, but I know Caroline will get to meet him one day!! I love you daddy and I think about and miss you everyday!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well, we found out yesterday.....

That we are having a GIRL!!!! We are so excited!! We went to baby views and there was no denying she is a girl!! Shea Foster is the owner and she was wonderful, she went through everything with us. She said that everything looked perfect!! She could rule out so many things. It was so amazing. We have a 20-minute DVD of her moving all around, but I will have to see if we can figure out how to put that on here later. We have decided on a name, it will be
CAROLINE MAE KELLY. David and I have always loved Caroline and Mae is a family name. It was my grandma's middle name, my sister's middle name, David's grandma's middle name and Joyce's middle name. Our next doctor's appointment is February 7th, so I am looking forward to seeing Caroline again!!! I love her so much already, I can't even imagine the feeling I am going to have when I hold her in my arms for the first time :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Girls Dinner last Thursday!!

Left side: Starla and Joslin
Right side: Me, Michele and Shelley

We had our monthly girls dinner last Thursday at On the Border. It was great to see everyone, it seemed like it had been forever since we didn't stay on our normal schedule with the holidays. It was wonderful catching up with everyone :)

The Mom Song!!!

This is so funny!! Check it out:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie Bug!!

Today is Katie's 2nd Birthday!! She is our baby for now and the biggest cuddle bug ever!! Here is a recent pic and the puppy pic, the first day we got her!!

13-week Appointment

We had our 13-week appointment almost two weeks ago and it was very uneventful, and you are getting no complaints from me. I have been going every two weeks because of my past two miscarriages. But, I got brave this time and I scheduled my appointment four weeks from then. So, our next appointment is February 7th. I have decided to try to find out the sex before then, so David and I have an appointment this Friday with baby views for a 2 D ultrasound, and if we are lucky we will see if we have a little boy or girl on the way. I am feeling great, still very tired at times, but for the most part I can't complain. I am still wearing all my normal clothes and no weight gain, but I know that is right around the corner :) Keep praying for us, we are so happy that we have made it this far and I hope everything continues to go very SMOOTHLY!!

Dinner at Cheers-Almost Two Weeks ago-I am so behind!!

I have lots of updating to do over the next few days. David and I went to dinner with Susan, Seth and Setler the Thursday from last at Cheers in Maumelle. It was so great to finally meet little Setler and of course catch up with Susan and Seth. They are the most precious family!! Setler is so much fun and we can't wait to see him again soon!! I forgot my camera at home, but here is a pic of Susan, Seth and Setler!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

She has a party every morning!!

Trying to find the squeaker that I already confiscated.

The squeaker

So, I am busy working in my office and I keep hearing one of Katie's squeaky toys. I decide to take a break and go in play with her and I walk into the living room and she had been on a mission to get the squeaker out of her new purple football that Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ken got her for Christmas. She cracks me up, because that is her goal with every toy. I feel bad taking the squeaker away from her after all that hard work, but I am afraid she will swallow it. I walk in and say "What did you do" and those ears instantly go back, but I couldn't help but start laughing. I can't even imagine what fiasco's are going to go on with two dogs and a baby during the day. I haven't quite figured out when I will get any of my work done. I guess there will be lots of cons to working from home.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Part Two~

David and his dad on Christmas Day!!

Matthew (our next door neighbor) showing David his golf clubs from Santa!!

Jason, Sarah and Noah just relaxing!!

Just visiting in the kitchen.

David, Sarah and Mom.

Ken and Joyce.

Joyce, Me and Sarah (Yes, I am already starting to get a baby pooch).

Amy, Mom and Sarah posing for Sarah's camera.

David giving Joyce a tour, it is her first time to see the house.

Surprising Joyce and Ken with baby news!!

David and Ken put together our new outdoor heater!!

Testing out the heater!! It works awesome!!

Me and Ken.

Aww, how sweet!!!

This picture is cool, you can see the dart flying.

Eating a Mexican at Mr. Panchos.

Ken and Joyce enjoying their wonderful margaritas!!

Ken left his camera, so the guys decided to take a bike ride to go back and get it!!

Ken being silly!!

Grilling some burgers.

Toni in the background wanting to go in and Joyce freezing. She isn't used to this cold weather!!

Ken and Joyce took us out to dinner at the "Flying Fish" to celebrate our little bundle of joy on the way!!

I love french fries :)

Just relaxing and of course my two pups have to take over the couch!!

David and Ken went to play some racquetball a couple of times!!

David getting geared up!!

David showing Shalin his pride and joy!!

I can't believe we didn't get very many pics of all four pups together, but here is one!!

Ken and Joyce on Christmas Eve!!

Sweet Brooklyn!!

Brandy, Shalin, David, Brooklyn and myself hanging out on the deck!!

Our house with the outside Christmas decorations.

Me, Brandy and Brooklyn finishing our kabobs, now I am ready for some peach cobbler!!

The guys being silly once again!!

David loving on Brooklyn!!

All Noah wanted for Christmas was a 12-pack of Pepsi and some disposable razors.

Surprising mom with her new lawn mower from all her kids.

We had such a wonderful Christmas holiday!! As I said in the last post, Ken and Joyce came to visit and we had so much fun surprising them with the baby news!! Joyce and I did a lot of shopping while the guys worked on the Mustang. On Christmas Eve, we had our friends Shalin, Brandy and Brooklyn over for some steak and chicken kabobs. Brandy made some wonderful peach cobbler, it is the best. She uses her grandma's recipe. On Christmas Day, my family came over to eat. We had quite a spread. Joyce made her famous mashed potatoes. Of course, my mom brought loads of food, we had enough to feed an army. We also had Noah come over to spend the day with us. Noah has always been like a "grandpa" figure in my life. Unfortunately, both of my grandpas had passed away when I was born. He was my grandparents farm hand and he has known me since birth. He was a lifesaver to my mom when she had the twins, he would sit and rock my brother for hours (he was very colicky). He is 97 years old and doing great!! David and I were really sad to see Ken and Joyce head back to Florida. It is really hard to see your family only twice a year. I am just so used to seeing my family anytime, since they are all in Conway. We always try to convince them to retire to Arkansas!! Wink!! Wink!! Don't forget your grand kiddos will be here :)

Let the Christmas post begin~David's Mustang progress

Cleaning out the inside.

Before the test run.

A little fine tuning by Dad.

Ready to get it back on the road!!

Installing new batteries.

The final product!!

Installing the new air cleaner.

Dad and I checking things out!!

Tightening valve covers.

Almost complete.

My new front end from March Performance.

Putting it all together.

Installing my new alternator.

Putting on new valve cover gaskets.

Fresh paint on the block.

Old and new carburetor.

Cleaning up the heads.

Dad and I working hard.

Before the cleanup.

Just getting started.

Checking out to see how much work we have ahead of us!!

Completely done and ready for the road!!

I know I am so behind on updating our Christmas. Ken and Joyce arrived from Vero Beach, Florida with their two keeshonds. It was so funny having four keeshonds in the house. They did their first initial growls and greets and they got along great. I am going to do a couple of different updates. First thing is first, David's car. David has a 1973 Mustang Grande that has been sitting in our garage for sometime, so before his Dad got here, he ordered a lot of new parts. They had a huge project on their hands for a few days, but they loved every minute of it. Here are the pics: I am going to have David put the captions under them, because I don't want to miss anything up :)