November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caroline and Corbin's stats for 18-month and 6-month..

For some reason Caroline and Corbin's stats posted under my latest blog, so please scroll down for two NEW UPDATES!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

They love each other!!

Caroline loves holding Corbin!! Now, that he is bigger, I feel a little more comfortable in letting her do real quick while I snap a few shots!!

Corbin's 6 month stats!!

Trying to show Corbin's first tooth.

I am in still in shock when I type Corbin is already 6 months old!! What, he is already halfway to being one :( I always thought the first child the time would go by fastest, but for me it just seems like Corbin was a newborn yesterday. He is the BEST baby!! The only time my little man ever lets out a cry is when he is really hungry and I can't get his bottle fast enough or when he is ready for a nap!! Corbin got his first bottom tooth on Jan. 13th, 2010.

Corbin's 6-month stats: Corbin got a perfect report at his 6-month checkup.

Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz (10-25%) I knew he was much smaller than Caroline at this age, but eats double what she ate at this age. I looked back at Caroline's 6 month stats and she was 17 lbs 6.5 oz

Height: 26 1/8 (50%) Corbin is taller than Caroline at this age, she was 25.5 inches

Head 17 1/8 inches (25-50%)

Things Corbin is doing at 6-months:

He smiles and coos ALL the time. Corbin's has such a precious smile, that I can't help but smile even bigger back at him. He brings me such joy everyday with that heart melting smile. He loves to giggle anytime he is tickled. Corbin is ticklish everywhere!!

He is rolling all over the floor from all directions. He isn't really trying to crawl, but will get on his back and push backwards with his legs and if he is on his tummy he will try to push off with his feet. He loves to watch Caroline play and his favorite is when she gets down on his level and plays with him on the floor. Corbin is constantly getting toys brought to him by Caroline, so I think he may take his time learning to crawl, since big sister does everything for him :)

Corbin sleeps 10-12 hours during the night. We sometimes have to put his paci in, if he wakes in the middle of the night. He usually takes 2-3 naps a day. Corbin's nap schedule is not as predictable as Caroline's at this age because we usually just take him out and about ALOT more than we did Caroline as a baby. He is so good, he will fall asleep anywhere, no matter the noise level. He takes 5 bottles a day and is drinking about 32-34 oz of formula a day. Corbin LOVES to eat. I started solids with him around 5 months and he has never turned anything down. He usually has fruits with oatmeal for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and a veggie and small fruit for dinner. When, I put him in his chair to eat, he will whine the whole time while I am trying to get it ready and he attacks the spoon to eat!! I love feeding him because Caroline never was a fan of eating baby food, so I had to constantly force her to eat. Corbin eats every bite and I am scrapping the bowl for every little ounce that is left. I hope he continues with the good eating habits and I only have one picky eater on my hands.

Corbin favorite thing is his bath. He will play in the bath until his little feet and fingers start to look like prunes. He loves to splash water everywhere!!

Corbin, Mommy and Daddy want you to know that you are such a great addition to our family and we love you soooo much!! You fit perfect in our life and we are so lucky to have you as our son!!

Caroline's 18-months stats

Caroline always tells Katie and Lacey to sit in her bed, so she loves it when we put them over after her naptime or first thing in the morning.

I decided to do Caroline and Corbin's two well checkups together!! So, she is a couple of weeks behind on her 18 month checkup.

Caroline's 18-month stats:

Weight: 25 lbs 6 oz (50-75%)

Height: 33 inches (75-90%) Tall Girl :)

Head: 17 7/8 inches (10-25%) Corbin's head is almost the same size as Caroline's and I think his head is still small :)

Here are some things that Carolines is doing at 18 months:


Some days Caroline is a little piggy, other days she will barely eat two bites!! I think a lot of it has to do with new teeth coming in or she is just so busy, she doesn't think she can stop to eat!! Her favorite foods are blueberries, green beans, cottage cheese and she loves a piece of wheat bread with cheese cooked in the oven for a few minutes.

Some of Caroline's favorite words:

ShadOO (Shadow)-She started saying this after she found my shadow everytime on her changing table in her bedroom.

buberry (Blueberry)

No, no (always says in twos)

Nigh, night (Night, Night)

Chee tot (Cheese Toast)



Go, go, go!!

Hello (she says this perfect, but maybe a little southern :)

Beby (Baby)

We have been working on ABC's, but so far we have A and B down :)

These are just a few words that she has added to her vocabulary along with all of her other basic words!! I have a feeling in a few months, Miss Caroline will be a chatterbox.

Caroline has the most precious little voice ever. She constantly tells David and I the same sentence over and over with about six to seven words, but we both are clueless as to what she is saying. I will post the video soon, it is priceless!!

Caroline loves to do everything mommy and daddy do!! She is a copycat and I think it is so sweet!! She is still the best big sister to Corbin :)

Sleeping: Caroline still sleeps a good 11-12 hours at night and usually 2-3 hours of naps during the day. Sometimes two shorter ones or one really long one.

Caroline is really enjoying having playdates with her friends at this age.

Caroline is one of the most loving little girls, she would hug and kiss all day if she could. Caroline's Mother's Day Out teacher even told me that she is so sweet to all the kids and just wants to give hugs all day!!

I think I say this every month, but 18 months is so fun because she learns so many new things everyday. Caroline loves to be challenged and loves to do things I ask her too!! She has really started to listen very well when I discipline her, but of course we still have major meltdowns on a daily basis. Usually, the only time Caroline is acting out is when she is very tired. I am so thankful for a wonderful little toddler, but I know we haven't even reached two yet, so more to come on that!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Kelly's house for Christmas Break!!

Kevin and David catching up and playing pool.

Daddy with his babies.

Grandpa and Corbin

Caroline playing with her Elmo phone.

Wow, I love it!!!!

And, I love this too!!

Brother just relaxing.

Uncle Kevin feeding hungry Corbin.

Joyce and I hanging in the kitchen probably getting ready to feed Caroline.

Mommy took her paci away and Caroline wants it back.

Playing with "Ganpa" as Caroline would say it.Grandpa got lots of Elmo and baby doll time.

Caroline had a day with just mommy and daddy.

Having lunch at Mulligan's on the beach.

Daddy and his precious little girl.

Caroline is saying "UP" because she is ready to go play.

Caroline is headed to check out the sand.

Long story, mommy did not come prepared for Caroline to dive in, so poor Arkansas girl had to wear her diaper. We left the swimmers in the other diaper bag.

Running from mommy!!

Caroline is saying "WHOA"

Another one of my favorites!!

Caroline was cracking me up!!

Love this face!!

It was chilly this morning in Florida

Corbin trying to sit up all by himself.

Love those cheeks!! I really think he is starting to look like David too!! Well, he has my nose :)

Mommy's boy

Corbin's first boat ride on New Year's Eve day!!

Caroline's first boat ride too!!

Captain of the boat

My sweet family

Everything is better with a balloon

Ken and Joyce at Captain Hiram's

Corbin and Grandma!!

Caroline thought she was a "Big Kid" too!!

So excited to be back in Florida and eating lunch at Captain Hiram's, it had been several years.

Caroline was excited to see a horse there!!

David and Ken

Grandma holding Caroline as we head to an island for Caroline to play in the water.

The water was freezing, but Caroline did not seem to mind.

Baby Brother was a trooper on very little sleep that day.

Caroline was Miss Independent, but was always making sure daddy's hand was right there.

Looking for fish!!

What a bikini babe!!

Okay, Daddy I need your hand now.

Caroline telling Daddy all about it!

Another one of my favorites!!

Corbin wanted to say HI to his sister!! He was cracking up the whole time she was in the water.

Pretty blue eyes!!

Grandpa getting some Caroline love!!

David helping his dad on the charger.

Having fun with the welder.

Grandma teaching Corbin how to drive early :)

Tilley girl

Toni girl-I think Caroline was confused and thought Toni and Tilley were Katie and Lacey

Joyce and I took the kids to the "Crazy Frog", it is the same as the jump zone there!! It was a blast and mommy got her work out in. Angela and her little boy Jackson met us there, such a great time.

I think I already had this one on earlier, but I stink at deleting pictures on blogger.

Caroline loves riding the car rides.

Giving Grandma a kiss.

Wow, this is so fun!!

Going through the maze with mommy!!

Caroline loved going down this slide.

Corbin loved to pull Grandpa's hair.

Just chillin on Grandpa's lap.

Grandma and Caroline cracking up at the dogs looking in from the porch :)

We all had such a great time during our stay in Vero!! We did something fun everyday!! I have to say I was very nervous getting Caroline and Corbin out of their element. Both of my kids have always been on a great routine. They both did wonderful, except Corbin didn't sleep that great, knowing that mommy was right next to him in the same room :) Joyce and Ken took such good care of us while we were there. They always helped with the babies, cooked or ordered dinner everynight, it was such a treat to me. Talk about reality check once we got back home. David and Ken went over to visit David's grandparents in Interlachen one day and see the land that they live on. So, Joyce and I took the kids and went and had lunch at Chili's and then to the Crazy Frog to let Caroline literally jump some of her energy out. Each night once the kids were down for bed, the four adults would just relax and watch movies and basically RELAX, which is so grand these days. Ken took the boat out on New Year's Day and we had an incredible time eating lunch at Captain Hiram's and letting Caroline play on the island. Overall, the trip was extremely fun and we can't wait to see you guys again soon!! Thanks for the wonderful hospitilaty :)