November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Monday, April 23, 2007

100 Things

I have been reading these things on other blogs. I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share with you…….

1. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas
2. Lived in Conway until I was 8
3. Moved to Bee Branch until I was 12
4. Moved back to Conway
5. I have a brother and sister that are twins.
6. I have a WONERFUL husband, David!!
7. He is in the Air Force and just finished his degree.
8. I LOVE kids!!!!
9. We have two keeshonds, Katie and Lacey.
10. I live in Maumelle, Arkansas.
11. My middle name is Elizabeth.
12. I want 3 kids eventually!! Well, for sure 2!!! Hoping for at least a boy and girl!!
13. I am a CHRISTIAN!!
14. I went to UCA for one year, then transferred and graduated from UALR with two degrees.
15. I own my own business.
16. I love my job, most days.
17. I have a degree in Advertising and Journalism/Public Relations.
18. My favorite number is 7.
19. I am trying to be a better cook.
20. David and I started dating September 2002
21. I hope to go to Hawaii someday.
22. I LOVE the south!!!! There is no better place.
23. I love buying clothes, purses and shoes!!
24. My favorite color is aqua blue.
25. David’s full name is David Michael Kelly.
26. My sister is one of my best friends!!!
27. I have the best in-laws!!! What a blessing!!!
28. I LOVE Razorback football!!
29. I LOVE my family with all my heart!!!
30. I MISS my dad and grandma everyday!!!!
31. David and I are both the oldest children in our family.
32. My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy.
33. I get easily stressed at times, I wish I didn’t.
34. My favorite flowers are tulips!!
35. Oh, did I mention… I have a WONDERUL husband.
36. We got married on November 11, 2004
37. He proposed in St. Thomas on May 21, 2004 on Magens Bay
38. I hate to work out, but I really should make it part of my daily routine.
39. I love going to the lake!!
40. I love the fall and spring!!
41. My nickname from David is gorg, (long story behind that).
42. I am a people pleaser. I hate to disappoint.
43. My favorite foods include Mexican and sweets.
44. In Junior High and High School I was on the track team. Ran long distance.
45. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. I hate not following through with things.
46. I used to be a night owl, but now I get to bed between 10-11pm. I guess that is what happens when you get older.
47. I hate to clean house but David loves it.
48. My favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter
49. I love Corona!!
50. I like unique/different names.
51. I love taking naps with David.
52. I love old country music!!
53. I love picnics!!
54. I have some really great friends!!!
55. I love buying stuff for the house!!
56. I love to lie in my hammock and just relax!!!
57. I do not like to make the bed.
58. I love to do laundry.
59. I love to text message.
60. We are pretty positive that our kids will have light brown hair with blue or green eyes!! (I hope they get David’s eyes)
61. I try to be a good person and a good Christian!! It is something I constantly try to improve!!
62. I HATE to cry but I do it!!! Just ask David!!
63. I wish I could speak Spanish fluently!!
64. I am trying to make it to 100 but I am not sure it will happen.
65. I think it would be cool to visit every state.
66. I am 5’7.
67. I love to blog.
68. I love to cook green bean casseroles!!
69. I love to shop and sell stuff on eBay.
70. I wish that David and I lived closer to his parents.
71. I love camping!!
72. I always get Katie and Lacey a toy or treat when I go to Wal-mart or Target.
73. I love eating lunch with my sister during the week, usually Fridays.
74. I check myspace often to look for old friends.
75. I have a 10-year class reunion next year, I can’t believe it.
76. I love weekends!!!
77. I can’t wait to see David after work each day.
78. I hope we live long enough to celebrate our 60th or higher anniversary!!
79. I may want to move to Florida someday.
80. I love going to the movies!!
81. I love cherry vanilla cokes from Sonic.
82. I love TCBY sorbet!!
83. I would love to own a cabin on the lake.
84. I love going to the casino.
85. I love our new sprinkler system. Thanks to Ken and Tom.
86. I love my office at home.
87. I need to finish about 3 books that I have started.
88. I love reading gossip magazines!!
89. I love to go out to eat!!
90. Ten more, not sure if I can make it.
91. I have a permanent bottom retainer to keep my bottom teeth straight.
92. I want to take a nap right now, but I have too much work to do.
93. I look forward to spending the summer on the lake.
94. I can’t wait to watch the Bachelor tonight.
95. I love receiving cards from David, he always writes the sweetest things in them.
96. I love buying stuff for other people!!
97. I am going to be the Matron of Honor in my sister’s wedding.
98. I want to go on a cruise soon!!!
99. love watching Katie and Lacey play!!
100. I love Saturdays!!

Girls night!!

It has been quite some time since I have went out with my good friend Joslin. We have been friends since 8th grade. Sarah and I met up with Joslin and went downtown for a good time and good company. It was great catching up with Joslin. She just relocated back to Central Arkansas from Northwest Arkansas. Welcome back Joslin!!!

Date night

David and I had a date night the Friday night before last, we went to the Faded Rose and got dinner. We both love their steaks there. I went earlier that day to get my hair highlighted, but as you can see my hairdresser put lots of red. We have had a busy past week with the company of David's dad and grandpa, that updated blog will come later this week.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday!!

David and I had my family over for Easter lunch!! It was great food. I got the turkey from the honeybaked store, (so yummy) and I made a green bean casserole and carrot cake. My mom brought a ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, deviled eggs and her famous watergate salad. Everything was delicious. My mom went by and picked up Noah. Noah is the closest grandfather figure I had growing up. Both of my grandpa's had passed away when I was born. Noah is 97 years old and looks and acts much younger. So, we were glad that we could celebrate with us. Happy Easter everyone!!!

Easter flowers for my dad!!!

I made a beautiful saddle Easter arrangement to put on my dad's grave for Easter!!! I went to Garden Ridge and they had so many beautiful flowers on sale. So, David and I took them up to Wooster yesterday to my dad's grave.

Easter suprise!!

So, I got David this cool Easter basket filled with goodies, golf visor and some new golf shorts. So, he detailed my car for me. I have been wanting a new car, so anytime he details my car, I feel like I have a new car!! Thanks honey my explorer looks brand new again :)

Cuddle time on Saturday morning!!!

We slept in Saturday morning, since we did not get home on Friday until around 1:15am, so sleeping in is like 9am, since the dogs always wake us up around then at the latest. So, here are some pictures that I captured of my babies.

Casino Night

So, at the last minute Friday David and I decided to go to Lula, MS for a few hours to the casino. I was just feeling lucky!!! The last time that I had been to the casino was with my mother-in-law around Christmas time in Florida. So, we each took $100. I sometime play blackjack, but that can take hours and hours. Since, we had to hurry back home to the dogs, I just decided to play the $1 and .50 cent slots. So, I started playing and playing and winning and winning. At this point, poor David had lost his money. So, I won a little over $1,200, but thought I was going to win the jackpot, so kept playing and lost a few hundred that I won. So, we brought home in the clear $780.00. Not bad for about 4 hours of fun. We didn't take many pictures. So, the only pic is me in front of the birds at Isle of Capri. Thanks Sarah, for letting Katie and Lacey out after work, they appreciated the potty break.

Fire Pit!!!

So, we had some leftover brick from the house, so David decided that we should build a fire pit. We had some guys come out a few weeks ago and build this pit within a few minutes, it would of taken David and I forever. Since, I have the most brilliant husband ever, he designed the awesome lid that raises up and down. I knew the City of Maumelle would not allow an open pit, so we are looking forward to using it this winter, or who knows if it stays this cold, we might get to use it before the summer comes.

Landscaping pics

Well, my last post from last weekend I talked about us working in the yard but forgot to post any pictures. So, take a look at the pics. We have the whole tropical look, maybe due to the fact that my husband is a "Floridian", but I love the look. So, basically almost everything we planted last year, did not survive the winter here. So, I researched some palms that could live through cold temps. So, we decided to buy some windmill palms, they are supposed to be 30feet tall when it is all said and done, but I doubt we will live in our house long enough to ever see them get that tall. I also did some junipers in the back. It looks so great. So, once we get our sprinkler system installed with the help of David's dad and grandpa. Which we are so excited about seeing them in almost a week, when they are coming to visit for about 5 days. We can't wait!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

A lot of work and little play!!!

So, here is the weekend in review:
Friday- We were finishing up our landscaping. We had two dump truck loads of river rock dumped. David had a friend from work spread it. So, the machine that he was using left huge ruts in our backyard. So, we are having to go get a pallet of sod today and re-sod that whole section. It was a muddy mess this weekend with the rain on Saturday. After, working until after dark we met up with some friends downtown for a couple of hours.

Saturday-It rained for the most part of the day. So, we just went to run some errands and just relax the rest of the day.

Sunday-We woke up very early and finished moving the left over rock and decided to go to the lake at the last minute. We have had our boat for almost a month and still haven't had time to take it out. It was such a beautiful afternoon to pass up. So, we got loaded up and headed out to Lake Hamilton. We had a great time, minus a few challenges. Our anchor got wedged between something, so after hanging out in an awesome cove for a couple of hours, David had to cut the line.