November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Corbin 18-month checkup stat!!

18-month stats:

Weight 28 lbs 4 oz 79%

Height 34 inches 91%

Head Circumferenc 19 inches 64%

What is Corbin up to at 18 months:


Corbin LOVES to eat!!! Caroline was always my picky eater. But, Corbin eats all of his food and sometimes Caroline's leftovers. He gets so excited about eating :) Some of Corbin's favorite foods are:

kiwi, blueberries, green beans, hot dogs (turkey dogs), cheese, yogurt, BLUEBERRY PANCAKES, cottage cheese, turkey, and pizza. The list could go on and on, he really doesn't turn anything away :)

Some of Corbin's favorite words:

Beby (baby)


Mooommaa!! (Corbin always changes his voice and smiles when he says my name-heart melting)



Bye, bye




Pacakes (pancakes)




Teetee ( he hears us ask Caroline a thousand times a day if she needs to go tee tee)

There are new words every day!! Corbin tries to do and say anything Caroline does. He loves to dance and attempt to sing to any music that he hears. Corbin is probably one of the funniest and happiest toddlers around. He has a lot of molars coming in right now and is dealing with it very well. He is just chewing on his fingers. Luckily, it hasn't affected his sleep. Corbin understands basic commands when I ask him to do things and loves to be a "helper". This is probably TMI, but this is my journal for myself to remember these crazy toddler days. Corbin loves POOP!! I am guessing it is a boy thing, because Caroline never did this. If, he takes a poopy in his crib, then he will dig his hands in the back of his diaper and pull it out. Therefore, we are left with a really big mess if I let him sit in his crib for a few minutes. Corbin gets multiple baths on a daily basis due to this. Not to mention he has a massive poop each morning before he wakes and leaks out of an overnight diaper and I also cover it with one of Caroline's pull-ups. All I can say is he is a nasty boy when it comes to that!! Right when I walk in to get him, he will instantly start saying "shh, wee" because that is all I say as I am cleaning up the mess.

This age is so fun but so challenging because he wants to be way more independent than he really is. For example, he thinks he needs to walk everywhere because Caroline does. Never wants me to hold him or put him in a stroller when we are out and about. Now, at home all he wants me to do is hold him, especially when I am holding Cohen.


Takes one nap after lunch, usually 2-3 hours

Sleeps 10-12 at night

Corbin is a great sleeper, 99.9% of the time.

Happy 18-months Corbin!! Mommy loves you and I am looking forward to all the new things you will learn as you approach the wonderful world of 2's.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Day 2011!!

Caroline and Corbin had so much fun playing in the snow :) We had several inches that lasted for a couple of days. Lelly was still visiting, so it was neat since it had been close to 30 years since she had experienced snow. Cohen was just a week old, so he had to miss out on his first snow!! We went down to the Lada's and played for awhile. It was nice to get out and get some very fresh air. Thanks Hailey for the hot cocoa!!

Lacey is begging me to move to Colorado.
Corbin's first experience. Last year, he was only 6 months so he doesn't remember.

Katie and Lacey had so much fun playing in the snow.

My little snow angel.

They were so bundled up, they could barely walk.

Caroline and Corbin meeting Cohen for the first time~priceless!!

Cohen's First meeting with Big Sister and Big Brother :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

All three hospital newborn pictures!!

These are all so priceless to me :)

Cohen's newborn pictures from hopsital!!

Comparing is so much fun!!

I think these pictures are proof at how much all my babies look alike :) But, I do believe Cohen resembles Caroline just a little more!!

Cohen January 3, 2011
Corbin July 23, 2009

Caroline-July 7, 2008

Another Caroline that really looks like Cohen :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cohen's Birthday January 3rd, 2011!!!!!

Cohen Matthew arrived on January 3rd, 2011 at 2:17 pm. Cohen was 7 lbs 4 oz 19 1/4 inches long. My doctor induced me at 38.5 weeks because I was already 3-4 cm and 90% effaced. David and I checked in at 5 am and they began getting everything ready. I would of delivered around 10 am, but Dr. H decided to wait until after lunch due to a few emergency deliveries of other patients. Luckily, I had another super easy delivery, the only thing different was that Cohen was face up and no matter how much Dr. H tried to turn him, he wasn't not going to turn. I pushed for about 4-5 minutes and met sweet Cohen. The nurse gave Cohen a 9 apgar at 1 and 5 minutes. He is perfect and so far a really good baby!! David and I stayed two nights in the hospital. They wanted to discharge us after the first night, but since insurance would pay for it, we took advantage of one more night of the hospital. Being a mom of three, I knew that was the most rest I would get for a long time. We are so thankful that David's mom flew in on December 15th and stayed with us until January 15th. Lelly kept Caroline and Corbin while we were in the hospital. Also, Aunt Sarah was able to get two days off in a row, so she was such a huge help with the kids. Plus, I was so happy she could be in the delivery room for the third time :)

Checking in at 38.5 weeks. Last belly shot!!

Lelly keeping me company while in labor.

Aunt Sarah aka delivery room photographer and push coach along with David.

David trying to entertain Caroline and Corbin . It was their naptime, so they were pretty fussy.

Love of my life. Almost proud daddy to three babies.

David and his mom anxiously awaiting Cohen's arrival. Almost time to push :)

Cohen is HERE!!

Oops, didn't put them in perfect order. One last picture as a pregnant momma!!

Perfect little boy!! Looks just like Caroline in this picture :)

Another blue-eyed red hair little boy.

Getting all cleaned up!!

It is way too bright in here.

Trying to open his eyes.

Proud daddy!!

Loving on my little man!!

Proud parents, it is the best feeling in the world!!

First family picture-party of 5

Lelly was so excited to be here for the birth of Cohen.

Proud Aunt Sarah!!

Proud Uncle Jason!!

Caroline and Corbin checking out their new baby brother.

Corbin is really checking Cohen out.

Grandma is so happy to have another grandbaby to spoil.

First morning together.
Another labor picture of trying to entertain Caroline and Corbin in the delivery room.

One day old.

Stephanie loving on baby Cohen.

Ms. Sandra cuddling with Cohen.
I am sad I didn't get pictures with all of our visitors. We all just got caught up in the moment of admiring Mr. Cohen.

Daddy getting some cuddle time in.

Getting ready to go home January 5th, 2011.

All set and ready to head home.

First night home, Caroline had to get some cuddle time.