November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Setler!!

Setler blowing out his candles!!
I put these in the wrong order, but waiting to blow out his candles while everyone sings him "Happy Birthday"

Caroline just looking at the balloons.

Madison and her Daddy Matt
Setler's awesome birthday cake, not to mention it was soo good!! I am not 100 percent positive but I think Wendy's Whimiscals made it.

Caroline and Madison (Madison's mommy , Amanda)

Pretty Girls!!

I think Caroline wanted to take every balloon home with here, mental note to self, have lots of balloons at Caroline's party :)

We went to Setler's 2nd Birthday bash on Memorial Day!! It was so much fun!! Luckily, it didn't rain as the forecast had predicted. Susan and Seth did a great job with everything. It was at the Mayflower City Park with lots of room for all the kiddos to play. Caroline will have to join in next year, she could only watch from the sidelines, since she isn't walking yet. Thanks for having us Mulhearn's :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Caroline's first trip to the pool!!

Getting ready for the pool in her Paul Frank swimsuit!!

All ready to go!!

This shows her personlity so much, she wants out of that chair!!

You can see in this picture where she bit her tongue that those three top teeth she has so far.

Just checking out the pool for the first time.

Of course, she wants to take that hat off.

David and I took Caroline to the Maumelle pool on Saturday and she LOVED it!! The water was very chilly, so David and I were thinking we should take it slow putting her in. The second she saw the water, she wanted in and the freezing water did not phase her. I see many more pool trips in our future!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We have a CLIMBER!!

Caroline has decided she loves to climb. It doesn't matter where she is in the house, she tried to climb on something. It is very cute, but so scary too!! I was folding towels last night and she was climbing up on the laundry basket. I was only able to get this video because daddy was standing right there to catch her in case she fell!! Yes, that was daddy getting her all cracked up :)

After nap video!!

Caroline is always so excited after her naptime when I come to get her. I brought her bunny to her and she was so giggly!! The best giggles in the world, Caroline!!

Caroline isn't walking yet, but loves to push things!!

I am trying to remember to grab my camera and get video clips as much as possible. But, it is hard because I need to be there to catch her when she goes tumbling. Here is a cute video with her walking behind a push toy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Destin Getaway!!

View from our room!!
Another shot from our room.
Getting ready to go to dinner.

David looking handsome as EVER!!
Couple time :)

Sunset from our room.

Sunset pictures one night, David didn't warn me about this, so I only had a old white tank, but we love the pics.

28-weeks Belly Shot, get ready for lots of belly pics!! Since, I am slacking this pregnancy.

It was so gorgeous every night at sunset, I don't think we were ever awake for sunrise pics.

David giving Corbin kisses.
Me trying to be serious, it is so hard for me to do that in pictures.

In Love Forever!!

Handsome Hubby!!

I couldn't quit taking pictures, what a gorgeous subject and background.

I swear this is Caroline's face.

Just being silly.

Another belly pic.

This is my weekly belly pic. I think I need to start doing the comparison to my belly now and last year with Caroline, I am so much bigger this time.

Another balcony pose before dinner.

Relaxing on the beach.

David deciding what he wants for dinner at Harry T's.

Enjoying a cold Margarita :)

I took this from our little digital camera while David was driving, but this was an awesome spot sand bar that we passed everyday. I think if you click on any of the pics, you can make them bigger.

Another off the bridge pic.

David has lots of fun on his boogie board.

Mother's Day dinner at AJ's Seafood

Hanging out at Destin Commons waiting to go to the movies.

Playing putt-putt, I was ahead for awhile and then I started to get attacked my mosquitoes and I lost my lead.

Getting ready to start playing.

David and I such a great time in Destin. We left on a Friday morning and got back the following Wednesday. It was a much needed vacation for both of us and just some time ALONE!! However, we missed Caroline like CRAZY!! I never worried about her since I knew Sassy was taking such wonderful care of her the whole time. We stayed at Island Echoes Condos right on the water. It was a perfect time to go, it wasn't very crowded at all. The beaches were beautiful!! I stayed at the pool a lot, there was hardly anyone every there. I lathered myself in sunscreen, but still managed to get burned a little. I finally to started to tan, but now I am peeling :( The first night once we got checked in , we were both very exhausted, so we just grabbed a burger. The next morning, we went to get some groceries at Publix (which I was we had that store in Arkansas) and then headed out to the beach for the day. We decided to eat out every night, since those times are rare now with little Caroline and will be even more rare once we have two children under the age of 1.5. The first night we went to Harry T's, it was right on the water and it was my least favorite. I forgot we had lunch that day at The Crab Trap and it was awesome. Sunday was Mother's Day, so I was really sad that I was away from Caroline and my mom. However, my family went to go get Sassy and Caroline and they all went out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. I received the sweetest card from David and Caroline. Sassy's present was awesome, since she kept Caroline for five days. My mom got me the 4D ultrasound. I had a wonderful Mother's Day, but will never spend it away from my kids. David took me out to eat at AJ's Seafood that evening and it was by far one of my favorites, we then went shopping at the Outlets and I was itching to spend a Dooney and Bourke giftcard, so I got a new purse. I also went to the Coach outlet and had to get one little goody from there :) We then decided to go sightsee and see a movie. What a fabulous Sunday, we had. Monday and Tuesday we pretty much just relaxed on the beach. Monday night we decided to stay in and order pizza. David grew up eating Hungry Howie's, since he is a Florida Native, so his mouth was watering for one. It was so good, you can pick your flavor of crust, yum. Our last night we went right down the street from our condo and at Old Bay Steamer, where I had the best Lobster ever!! Okay, now since this very pregnant lady is telling about the vacation, I realized that all I have done is talk about food :) Well, being so pregnant I wasn't allowed to go parasailing, etc. Which I would rather save that for the next beach vacation and I will not be pregnant. It was just nice not being on a schedule, as I am sure all you parents can understand when you are away from your kiddos for a day or a few days!! Again, Thanks Sassy for letting us get away!! I guess this was our "babymoon" before Corbin gets here.