November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay for sleep!!!

Just a quick note. We put Caroline down at 11pm and she slept until 5 am. She went back down at 6 am and is still snoozing at 9 am :) Now, I need to learn to sleep better. I am not used to her sleeping that good, so I am constantly checking on her. A good night's sleep may be in my future in the next month or so!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

7-weeks old

Ready for a nap
Tummy Time

Caroline was 7 weeks old on Monday!!! She went to the doctor on Monday and she now weighs 10 pounds :) She is starting to get fat rolls and I LOVE them :) I had a quick minute to update these pics while Daddy and Caroline are having bath time. She loves bath time with her daddy!! I will also post some pics of bath time (these were taken several weeks ago).

One month stats!!

Caroline's one month stats:

8 lbs 11 oz.

20 3/4 inches long

Head: 13.8 inches

Rollercoaster of Reflux :(

Okay, so everyone has been asking me about why I never update the blog. Well, for Caroline's first few weeks, she screamed for hours. We are talking she was only sleeping 4-5 hours in a 24 hour period. The 4-5 hours only consisted of 20 minute cap naps. I knew something wasn't right. After going to the pediatrician many times, he finally referred us to a GI specialist. All of the doctors kept asking me if I had ever seen blood in her poop. My answer was always "NO WAY". Luckily, while my mother-in-law and I were at the GI visit, Caroline pooped. They tested it and sure enough there was microscopic blood. So, of course I was like what does this mean?? Well, it meant that Caroline had a horrible protein allergy found in formula (breastfeeding didn't work, will blog about it later). We also had the barium swallow test and we could see the reflux coming right back up. Poor baby!! I just want to take all of her pain away and let me have it :( So, after many trial and errors we have finally found a formula that works for her, it is Nutrimagen AA (amino-acid based). It can't be bought at the stores, but ordered through Enfamil or a pharmacy. It costs between $30-60 per day depending on how much she drinks. We are still in the process of trying to see if insurance will pay for it. We could seriously have a personal chef for what it is going to cost us per month. Let's just pray that insurance pays for it. She is also taking 30 mg of Prevacid for reflux. I have and still in the process of buying all kinds of things elevated. She can't be laid flat on her back anytime after a feeding. So, we keep sweet baby elevated. So, I hope she outgrows both of the problems. If anyone has dealt with either feel free to give me any tips!!

Finally a update!!

Waiting for my epidural
Got it and feel great!!

Just waiting on sweet Caroline!!

OMG, the first time to see and hold my baby girl!!

I can't believe she is here!!

Getting her evaluation :)

6 pounds 14 oz.

And baby makes three!!

Daddy's Girl
She already loves her daddy!!
Aunt Sarah
Nana and Uncle Jason

19 3/4 inches

I am so in love!!

Proud Nana
Uncle Jason
Uncle Jason and Sarah

After her first bath :)

Look at that cute bottom

Relaxing after her bath!!

Day one begins :) My nose was a little crooked from being on my mommy's pelvis

I am going to attempt to do a very long update, but it may take all day :) First, let me begin by sending many thanks to our family that has helped so much the past 6 weeks. I am going to rewind back to my delivery, since I never really got a chance to blog about it. I had the most awesome delivery. I probably could not of planned for it to go that smooth. I just went in for my 39-week checkup. I was dilated to 3 and 50% effaced. I did mention to my doctor that Caroline's movement had decreased, so she put me on a monitor. After a hour, she came back in and said well are you ready to have Caroline tonight?? I was in shock, but I think David was in even more shock. I told her that we would go grab a quick lunch and go home to get our bags. She promptly told me that I would be going straight to labor and delivery. So, David and I left the office in happy tears that we were finally going to meet this sweet baby girl that we have waited for so long. David and I went to labor and delivery and I got checked in. They said it would be awhile until they had a room. David went home to get our bags, I still didn't have my bathroom bag packed, so that was up to David. My mom and sister were in Conway trying to hurry as fast as possible. By the time David got back, I was in my room and my water was broke. I had dilated to 4 and was 75% effaced. I was already progressing so fast. My contractions started and I was going to try not to have an epidural. I changed my mind really fast. But, I can honestly say that I had my fair share on hard contractions with no pain medicine. I got checked into labor and delivery at 1:30 pm and had my epidural by 3 or 3:30. Once, I finally got relaxed my nurse checked and I was dilated to 6. During this time my mom, sister and brother joined us in our labor and delivery room. The next time I was checked was by my doctor that was on call and it was 7pm. My doctor planned to run home and then come back in a couple of hours to check on me. Well, once she did the check I went from 6cm to 10 cm within 45 minutes. I was ready to push!! I only pushed for 24 minutes and Caroline made her debut in this world at 7:24 pm. She was crying but not screaming, so NICU was called in because she swallowed a lot of fluid. I was worried to death, but in no time she was screaming to the top of her lungs :) Here are some pics from Caroline's birthday.

FYI: I have decided to try to update once a day or so that I can catch up to where she is now, which is seven weeks. Lots and lots to tell about!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Katie and Lacey

I explained why their pictures are up in the post below :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Six-weeks old

I am so anxious to make many updates, but so busy with Caroline and trying to catch up with my work (it is very hard juggling a full time job from home and a baby :) Here are a few snapshots I took of Caroline this morning. She is six-weeks old today!!!

P.S. Katie and Lacey are a little jealous because they haven't had their pictures on the blog in a long time, so here they are from yesterday :) They love their baby sister!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are still here....

Hello to all of our blog family, just a super quick update. We are still here, just been really busy. Caroline has had a tough 5 weeks, but we think we finally have it figured out. She is doing much better. David and I are getting so much needed rest, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, she has been here since Wednesday and will be here through Saturday. She has been doing night duty with Caroline and we have been getting some sleep. I promise I have tons of pictures to post and Caroline's updates. She did have her one month appt this past Thursday. Many, many updates coming soon................

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blogger Help!!

I was playing on blogger to try to change my background and somehow all of my links are below my posts, does anyone know how to get them back to the side??

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Birthday Celebration!!!

We went out last night to celebrate August 1st birthdays :) Ken and I both turned a year older yesterday!! We went to the Bonefish Grill and it was so delicious!! Caroline went with this, but slept through the entire dinner.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME & Happy Birthday to Ken!!

I want to wish my father-in-law a big Happy Birthday!! Also, I can't believe I turn the big 2-9 today!! 30 is getting very close :) But, hey I heard 30 is the new 20!!! We are going out to dinner tonight, so hope to post pictures later this weekend. David's dad is actually in town from Florida. It seems that almost every year we celebrate our birthdays together and how funny they are the same day!!