November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caroline's Big Girl Bed

This is a huge post. CAROLINE IS NO LONGER IN HER CRIB!! I have dreaded this forever, but we decided to transition so that Cohen could use her crib and we didn't have three cribs in the house. Plus, Caroline will be three this July, so it is time. Also, she is potty trained, so if she needs to go, she can :) I can't believe how easy she transitioned. Caroline is sleeping great and it was super easy. We bought the daybed from Uncle Jason's aunt, and it is perfect. Caroline is going to get a full size bed once we move, but this is just her size for now and it is super comfy.
This is before the guard rail and we have since changed comforters. All tucked in.

The new comforter, much more soft :)

The rest of February moments...

Wow, now you can see I am really sleep deprived. As, I am going through my post, I found two that I uploaded pictures too, but never posted. So, it is going to be way out of order :) I will get caught up someday, maybe in 20 years.
Headed to MDO Valentine's Day party.

Pizza face.
Sweet girl.
Opening her Valentine's present from Papa and Nana. I think Caroline looks so old here!!

Corbin is always running from the camera.

Trip to the zoo with all three, hectic but fun!!

Caroline loves doing art projects.

Corbin wants to do whatever sissy is doing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adult time!!!!!!

David and I had our first night away Valentine's Day weekend!! It was so nice to have an "all" adult dinner. Also, I guess we were so excited to be out we ended up at the "Electric Cowboy" for some dancing. Well, the girls did anyways :) Our wonderful sitter, Sandra was brave enough to keep all three kids and overnight as plus too!! I missed my babies, but it was a nice break to be out of "mommy mode" for 24 hours. We love you Sandra and thanks for the nice break!!

John and Kristan enjoying a break too, they have a sweet little girl Corbin's age.

April and I enjoying a yummy margarita.

The whole group minus April at the Cowboy.

Getting ready to hit the dance floor.

Yes, we are actually sweating from shaking our booties :)

Last snow pictures of the winter...I think since

it is March now!! I used to love snow days, but with three little ones it is very challenging to keep everyone entertained. I can only let Caroline and Corbin play in the snow for so long since I am constantly struggling for them to keep their hats and gloves on. So, here are a few shots of things we did to stay busy.

David wrote this in the snow after a very long day with the babies.
They had so much fun on the sled.

Playing inside on a snow day.

However, it was beautiful and might be the last snow we experience living in Arkansas. Since, it will not ever do this in Florida :(

Cohen can go from this.....

to that in a matter of seconds!! I am trying so hard to keep Cohen on a schedule, but it is almost near impossible while trying to keep up with Caroline and Corbin. Poor little guy cannot fall asleep just laying in the bouncy. He wants to be swaddled as tight as possible and put in his swing. If he isn't, the picture below is the result!!

Attempt at group pictures...VERY HARD TASK!!

First, let me say these pictures are old now. I took all of these when we were last snowed in the beginning of February. I was trying so hard to get some cute shots and for the most part I did especially since we all had cabin fever and it was right before bedtime!! Also, Cohen is not happy very often, (will post about that later). He tricked me for the first couple of weeks thinking he was going to be an "easy" baby. Not even sure what that is since all three have been over the top colicky!! But, on a more positive note here are my three sweeties!! Pictures are so priceless!!

Cohen is all done with pictures.
The "I am about to scream bloody murder face"!!

Poor Caroline looks like she is worn out from all the screaming!!

A little kiss always makes everything better :)

She is such a mother hen!!

This picture cracks me up because this is all three kids in a nutshell at the moment. Caroline is very dramatic. Corbin is always pulling her hair or just plain aggravating her. Cohen is always just mad unless he is eating or swaddled :)

Cohen is not a fan of his brother and sister love just yet!! They are a little overwhelming for him.

Littlest Brother!!

Corbin is done with this photo shoot.