November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, September 30, 2010


The kids and I have been very anxious to visit the zoo, since it had been forever with the super hot temps. So, one afternoon it was gorgeous and we decided to go.

Caroline loves feeding the Koi fish.

Caroline and Corbin looking at the monkeys, I always tease them and tell them they belong with the monkey family.

My little man pointing to the giraffe.

Caroline making silly faces on the train ride.

Posing with the gorilla.

Carnival with the Lada's

We went with the Lada family to the local catholic school annual carnival. The Lada's have three girls, so poor Corbin is always very outnumbered. The girls had so much fun playing games like pick up a duck, fish pond, dolly game and a horseback ride. I was a little nervous about Caroline riding on a full size horse all by herself, but she did great. We have a cute video of it, but blogger doesn't cooperate with videos very often for me. The guys (Joey and David) won Hailey and I some yummy sweets at the cake walk. It was a great family date night with the Lada's.

Caroline, Molly and Avery picking up a duck.
Caroline having lots of fun in the bounce house.

Presley was having a blast.

Caroline riding her first real "big" horse.

The guys at the cake walk.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Caroline is really into calling the Arkansas Razorbacks this year!! She will just randomly, say "WOO PIG SOOOOIE". This is a Saturday we went to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jason's to watch the game :)

Waiting on mommy to get ready.

Note: David does not wear RED on game days, it is a Florida thing!!

I did have on a red tank top under my black one, it is getting hard to find anything to fit at the moment :) But, look at these precious babies in their Razorback gear!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mother's Day Out finally started!!

Caroline and Corbin started Mother's Day Out on September 14th. They have now been a full two weeks and they both seem to really like it. Of course, Caroline likes it a lot more :) Corbin has a hard time when I leave him each morning. But, if I step out in the hall, he stops crying within 20 seconds. Caroline always gives me a kiss and tells me bye every morning without a fuss. They are going three days a week from 9am-2pm. I thought that might be a little much, but I am also thinking it will be good once Cohen arrives, so I can have some one on one time with him. I am really enjoying the few hours a week to myself, but my days go by fast with house duties, errands, etc.

Caroline on her way to the "Open House"
Attempting to get a picture of both of them, but Corbin was so mad because Caroline kept trying to hug him for a picture.

Poor pitiful face.

Actual first day, Miss Caroline was so excited!!

Ms. Lena

Ms. Michelle

1st part of September random pictures!!

Corbin loves pushing trucks of any kind :)
My lil strawberry shortcake.

Corbin playing with a book, he is really starting to love books.

Caroline telling Corbin what to do.


Caroline's artwork she made for her daddy and bubby aka Corbin.

Cohen Pregnancy Update!!

21.5 weeks
21.5 weeks side view
24 weeks 2 days

24 weeks 2 days side view

24 weeks 2 days

Caroline decided she wanted to show her belly too :)
My 3rd pregnancy is literally flying by!! I had a check up last week and everything is great. I have had about 6 pounds weight gain total. No true cravings, honestly, there are moments I don't even feel pregnant because I am so busy chasing Caroline and Corbin around. I am very excited to finish out my pregnancy with this wonderful fall and winter weather.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vero Beach trip to see Papaw and Nana!!

Corbin enjoying Papaw and Nana's backyard.
Finally relaxing after a long day of traveling.

I am so tired Nana, it has been a long day.

Showing off his walking skills in Nana's kitchen.

My two loves.

Caroline's signature pose.

Wanting mommy to do the pose too!!

This smile will melt my heart forever.

Enjoying the swing with Daddy!!

The pose once again. This is Spanky, a good family friend's sweet dog.

Giving her daddy kisses.

First day to enjoy the beach, the waves were insane because of the hurricane many miles away.

Corbin checking everything out, the last time he was at the beach was at Christmas and he was only 6 months, he had so much fun this time.

Beach babe.

Having an in-depth conversation with papaw.

I mean this pose is the cutest thing ever, I never thought the day would come where she would enjoy having her picture taken :)

They loved playing in the sand.

So delirious tired on the way home from the beach.

David and I enjoying a day meeting with realtors and looking at homes and having a nice late lunch.

Caroline and Corbin having some quality time with Uncle Kevin :)

Surf dude with a mohawk his daddy gave him.

Getting ready for a day out on Papaw's boat.

Caroline following her daddy and papaw down the beach.

Taking a break from the sun and hanging out at the mall. Caroline is making a wish in the fountain.

Nana's little shopping buddy.

Had to document this picture since Corbin never falls asleep out and about, we wore him out at the mall.

Last evening in Vero having dinner at our favorite Captain Hiram's.

Kevin and Joyce

Sweet brothers.

Love spending time with my brother-in-law.

Papaw letting Caroline play while we wait on our food.

David and his dad.

Yay, a family picture where everyone is looking!!

Love this babydoll face.

So tired at the Atlanta airport on the way home.

I think mommy wins the award for looking most tired.

My sweet boys.
We spent a week in Vero Beach, FL with David's dad and Joyce. My worst fear was flying with the babes, not to mention all the packing that is required for two toddlers. The plane ride was just as expected, neither one of the kids slept and they were very antsy the whole time. But, we survived and enjoyed a very relaxing week in Vero. The weather was beautiful the whole time minus one rainy half day. We took full advantage and went to the beach and took the boat out. The main purpose of the visit was of course to see Nana and Papaw, but David and his dad had some business to take care of. They have started Kelly Line Enterprises, LLC. More to come on that later. But, it looks as it we will be relocationg to Vero next Fall 2011 for a very exciting new family business. David and I spent a day looking at houses and there is one I fell in love with, but of course it was very pricy and we haven't even put ours on the market here yet!! Thanks Nana and Papaw for all the wonderful hospitality the week we invaded your home. The flight home was the same as there plus two extremely tired babies. We had a wonderful time and our next big family trip there will probably be to move there :) If, we go househunting, I think David will send me alone and leave the little ones behind!!