November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yay, for Girls Night!!

Me, Joslin and Carol

I was in need of a girl's night very badly!! So, I met Joslin and Carol downtown to watch the game. I had so much fun girlies, let's do it again real soon!!

I really need to get some pics of the babies together!!



But, it is impossible when I am home alone with them :) Here are some cute pics from this morning. I love my babies so much, I am so BLESSED!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I knew I had more pictures from Grammy's visit!!

Looks like Caroline and Corbin were both done with the pictures :)
Grammy with her two sweet grandbabies.

Corbin loves to cuddle with Grammy.

David and Grammy hanging outside.

It has been a little overwhelming trying to go through all the pictures that we have taken the past month or so. Here are some more pictures from David's mom visit (grammy). They were taken with her camera, ignore the dates :) So, Corbin was right at 4 weeks old.

Working on it!!

I have been trying to get Corbin on video cooing and smiling, it is the most precious sound ever :) However, as soon as I attempt to do it with the video this is what happens. I will eventually get it on video. It is way more loud when he coos that Caroline was at this age.

Caroline playing with her stroller!!

Caroline loves playing with her baby doll stroller. As you can see, she decided to sit in it and broke it already!!

Mr. Handsome Man!!

I love my handsome little man!! He will be two months old tomorrow, where does the time go???

Caroline dancing!!

Caroline loved the Fab Five on America's Got Talent, so I recorded the episode and she loves dancing to them. She usually gets way more into it, but we never have the video close by and if we leave to go get it, she follows :)

Just hanging out at home!!

Corbin 7-weeks old
14 months

Here are just a few of Corbin and Caroline :)

Caroline and Great-Grandma!!

Here is a picture of Caroline and Great-Grandma. Caroline became very fond of her, fast!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corbin 7-weeks

Here are few shots of Corbin at 7 weeks and also Big Sister Caroline taking care of her twin baby dolls :)

I forgot to update Corbin's one month stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 11 oz-50th percentile

Height: 21 3/4-65th percentile

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Double Stroller!!

I love our new double stroller!! Thanks to Grandpa Ken and Grandma Joyce. We haven't used it very much yet, but I know once the fall weather is here, it will get lots of use. I wanted a double that I could walk/jog with, but also take to the mall and get through standard doors with. It is perfect!! It is a little heavy, but I can manage for sure. Corbin and Caroline went to the mall and they enjoyed it as long as we were moving, so much for stopping to shop for a minute. These pictures is the day we received and Caroline was testing it out.

First Day of Little Life Academy!!

Getting ready to eat breakfast before the first day. We had to wake her up the first morning.
Attempting to get her to stop for a minute, but no such luck. Off she goes with her backpack.

She loves to play with leaves.


All ready to go.
Not quite sure what is going on, but I sure do like all the new toys.

Within five minutes of leaving school.

Caroline started Little Life Academy at New Life Church the first week of September. She goes on two days a week from 9-2. She is doing great and loving it, however, she has yet to take a nap. I think one day she napped for about 30 minutes. So, normally she comes home and takes about a two hour nap because she is exhausted.

Great-Grandma Dorothy

David and his Grandma Dorothy
Miss Caroline
Mommy and Caroline

Giving her daddy kisses

My sweet little man.

She loves her brother :)

Even though her face doesn't look like it in these pictures, she loved walking around in carrier.

We got a wonderful surprise a couple of weeks ago. David's dad knew how stressed I was with working full time and trying to manage everything, so he sent his mom up to stay for a week (actually 10 days). It was so wonderful for Caroline and Corbin to meet their great-grandma. She lives in Florida, so I thought it would be next summer before we could make it down there. She cooked us some of the best home-cooked meals I have had in forever. Plus, she helped me so much with the kids. We are very blessed to have a wonderful family to support us so much. Once again, only a few pics while she was here because we were going non-stop the whole time. We took great-grandma to the Flying Fish one afternoon and she loved it. Then, we decided to go walk around the river market. It was her first time to Little Rock.

Short video of Caroline!!

Caroline is starting to say words much more plain everyday. In this video she didn't say "mama" as clear as she usually does. I am going to try to start minimizing the use of the paci, but I wanted to wait a little longer. It is going to be hard since Corbin is so attached to his.

Corbin's pitiful face!!

Corbin was 5 weeks old in this picture and this is the face I get most of the time. We have had some smiles and coos, but mostly screaming if he is awake. He is just like Caroline was at this age. Everyone promised me they would be night and day. No way, he is very high needs and test my nerves for the majority day and night. If he is awake, he is mad. I think the reflux has a lot to do with it, but he is just a "fussy" baby. At least, I know he should outgrow it before he is one because Caroline did.