November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Corbin and Caroline 2 and 3-year checkups...

Corbin waiting for Dr. Byrum to come in.

Doing some entertaining with Daddy's work hat.

Silly boy

Wow, they were super busy that day waiting for Dr. Byrum.
This picture cracks me up.
Caroline's 3-year stats:
Weight:  31 pounds:  55%
Height:  38 inches:  75%

Corbin's 2-year stats:
Weight: 31 pounds:  85% (crazy Caroline and Corbin are the same weight)
Height:  36.5 inches:  95%
Head Circumference:  19.5 inches: 75%

Caroline and Corbin were very close in height but the exact weight at their 2 and 3-year old checkups.

I could write a novel describing Caroline and Corbin at this age, they both amaze David and I everyday!!  They are so funny, but such hard work!!   

I seriously don't even know where to start about what Caroline and Corbin are doing at 2 and 3. 

Caroline is the most talkative 3 year old I have ever met.  I know she is my daughter, so I completely expect that.  But, there isn't a waking moment she isn't talking.  She doesn't forget anything, she remembers everything David and I tell her or anyone else.  Caroline is fully potty trained, but we do still sleep in pull-ups just in case.  Caroline is going to Mother's Day Out three days a week from 9-2 and learning so much from numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  Caroline's best friends at school are Greta Kate, Olivia, Adeline, Kate, and Addison.  She talks about her friends nonstop.  She is wearing mainly 4t clothes, but the waist is usually big and the pants are usually short, she is all legs.  Caroline teaches both her brothers good and bad things all the time.  Caroline and Corbin are so close, they are either best friends or worst enemies.  It is nice they can entertain each other for a few minutes before I have to break up an argument.  Caroline's favorite color is pink and some of her favorite shows are "The Backyardians", "Little Bear" and anything to do with Cinderella or a princess.  She is so girly!!  Some of Caroline's favorite foods have remained the same, she loves cottage chesse, guacamole, cheese, pizza, and hummus just to name a few.  Since, she is in a big girl bed, she usually wakes up and comes to our bed around 7 am, sometimes she will go back to sleep and sometimes, she begs for David and I to get up.  David is usually already at work, so it is me she is begging to get out of bed.  Caroline has such a loving heart, for example, this morning when she came in my room to wake me up, she rubbed my arm and said "Baby, baby it is time to get up".  She talks to me just the way I talk to her.  She tells David and I many times a day she loves us to the "moon and stars".  She loves to be a helper and help me do anything around the house.  Caroline loves any art project, she loves to draw, glue and just make anything.  She loves to read books and we always read some before nap (if I am lucky enough to get her to take a nap) and before bedtime.  I love her more and more everyday and it is so bittersweet how fast she is growing up.

Corbin, wow is all I can say!!  He is the sweetest little boy ever!!  Corbin will play independently for hours.  He is still a great eater.  I just took him to get his teeth cleaned for the first time and he still has his two year molars to come in, so only four more teeth to go.  We decided to take his paci away, and his speech is so much better.  I will do a whole post on the paci ordeal.  We took him to build-a-bear just like we did with Caroline, but he put his paci in a dog.  Corbin loves to ride his red tricycle and be outside, he would live outside if he could.  He loves Caroline and Cohen so much, but he is so rough with Cohen.  Corbin is all boy, if there is a water puddle, he will jump in it.  If he has a dirt pile, he will play in it until he has dirt up to his ears.  Corbin is not fully potty trained, but we are slowly working on it.  I just don't put a lot of pressure and let them take their time.  We did that with Caroline and she was potty trained by 2.5.  Corbin is a mommy's boy without a doubt, he wants me to rock him before bed every night.  He doesn't fall asleep, but just cuddles with me.  Corbin is still taking one 2-3 hour nap everyday and sleeping like a champ everynight.  He sometimes sleeps in until 9 or 10 am.  Corbin's favorite foods, wow, he pretty much loves everthing, but his favorite is pizza, yogurt, green beans, pretzels, and yogurt raisins.  Corbin loves to push his trucks all around the house and outside and always wants to put his sunglasses on backwards.  When he rides his tricycle he always likes to have his sippy cup and a snack on the back of it, so funny!!  Corbin goes to Mother's Day Out also three days a week from 9-2 and some of his best friends are Wyatt, Walker, Emmy and Fiona.  Corbin makes friends so easy, even Caroline's girlfriends love Corbin.  He loves to rough house with David.  Corbin is an amazing little boy and I am having so much fun watching him grow up.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Gulf Shores Family Beach Pictures August 2011!!

We decided one night to attempt beach pictures with our black and white theme and the kids actually did GREAT!!  I am so happy we did them :)
These too are too much for words :)

Sister love

I love this and Cohen thought it was so funny!!

Attempt at first family picture, thank goodness for a tripod.

This will make a momma's heart melt.  I foresee a huge canvas in my house soon with this picture!!

Miss Poser

This describes Caroline's personality so much!!

Handsome boy!!

My sweet wee little one!!  This boy is more of a momma's boy than Corbin, did not think that was possible.

My rock forever.

Pretending for 10 seconds we are on a deserted beach all ALONE!!!  Ha!!

Corbin serious face with his tongue out.

They look like twins here, we got asked that a numerous times on vacation.

Caroline was about done with pictures and just wanted to run in the sand.

I am so lucky to have two red hair little boys, they are starting to look so much alike.

Caroline loves Cohen so much.

Beautiful Corbin

This one cracks me up becasue Cohen is the only one looking back.