November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skating Rink~everything on wheels with Maumelle Mommy and Me!!

Caroline switched bikes with Adeline and is on her Barbie bike.
I swear Corbin can go 20 miles per hour on this tricycle, he loves riding it so much.
Caroline did great on her skates.
Corbin testing out his skates for the first time.

The Maumelle Mommy and Me group meet once a month at the Little Rock Skatium and the kiddos can bring anything on wheels and even try out skates. 

Addison turn FOUR at the Little Rock Athletic Club

Caroline was so excited to see her friend Olivia.
Playing at the gym.

Caroline and Greta Kate excited about cupcakes.

On our way home, with a blue cupcake mouth :)
Leaving to go the party, it is rare Caroline and I get away all alone.
Caroline and one of her best friends Greta Kate.

Greta Kate, Addison (birthday girl) and Caroline having fun in the slide.

Caroline and I went to Addison's 4th birthday party and we had a blast.  Caroline adores Addison, they have been in the same Mother's Day Out class for two years now. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mother's Day Out open house for the Fall

Caroline posing in front of her new classroom :)

Posing with Caroline in her new class.

Caroline and Ms. Melissa, we get so lucky at FUMC and get the most wonderful teachers.
Corbin posing with Ms. Lina, which was Caroline's teacher last year :)  We love her and so does Corbin.
Our handsome little man!!

Caroline and Corbin will start back to Mother's Day Out the second week in September and go Tues-Wed-Thurs from 9-2.  They look forward to it and so does mommy and Cohen :)

Cohen got tubes~so hopefully we can say bye bye ear infections

Right before surgery.
Aunt Sarah came by to visit for a minute since she was working right down the hall.

Poor Cohen had several ear infections back to back.  So, from previous experience I knew tubes would be the best route.  Thankfully, Dr. Bauer got us in very fast and he did wonderful.  I took him by myself so David could keep Caroline and Corbin at home.  We had to be there at 5:45 am.  Cohen did great and so far no more ear infections!!

Hanging around after dinner....

This was the night before we gave the dog all of Corbin's pacis.

Paci Mack~one more baby down with a paci, now just one more to go.

Super big day for Corbin as we take his pacis to build-a-bear.  Caroline had to hold the bag for a few minutes too!!
My sweet boy saying bye bye to his paci.  Caroline put her pacis in a bear right before she turned two.  I gave Corbin just a little more time, especially since Cohen takes the same kind.

Corbin picked out his animal  all by himself, a dog that we named Paci Mack.

Putting them in one by one.

Now, he is a little stand offish thinking what have I just done.

My handsome boy is growing up when it is time to get rid of the pacis.

Giving Paci Mack a bath.

All done and ready to take him home.

Caroline wanted a picture in the photo booth right before we left :)

Corbin did so great giving up his paci.  I actually put it off because he was so attached to them.  He typically had six in his crib and then when he wasn't sleeping, he always had four or five in his hands and every where we went.  I was so tired of trying to keep up with them.  Plus, I could tell it wasn't doing anything for his speech or teeth.  So, I just woke up that morning and said that is it.  I was a little sad, but Corbin surprised me so much.  He actually did much better than Caroline did.  Corbin's sleep was not disrupted at all and he never really asked for it again.  Cohen takes the same one and if he sees it, he puts it right in Cohen's mouth.  Now, the funny thing is Caroline still sleeps with her "fry" bear, but Corbin will have nothing to do with "Paci Mack".  It has been sitting in our playroom all alone since the day we brought him home.  I have tried to see if Corbin will sleep with him, but no way :)  Corbin is so funny!!

Just another normal bath time around here!!

Caroline with her favorite one and only Cinderella towel.

I was testing out to see if Corbin would stay in the pack n play before we went on vacation.  I think the pictures answered that question for me.

Penn turns 2 at the Zoo!!

Caroline and Corbin enjoying some ice cream at Penn's party.

Attempt at a family shot!!

Penn's mommy Amy and I.

Penn, the birthday boy.

We went to Penn's zoo birthday party to celebrate him turning 2.  Everyone had a blast and of course Amy always has the most fun parties for her boys.