November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Norwood!!!

I just added Christy and Brad Norwood's blog to my page. They had their sweet baby boy, Brycen, on Thursday. He is currently at Children's, so please keep all of them in your prayers. Check out their blog for the latest updates!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girls Night at Bonefish Grill!!!

Shelley, Starla, Carol, me and Michele

Michele and I

Shelley, Starla and Carol

Last Tuesday night we had our monthly girl's night at Bonefish Grill, it was soooo good!! The company was even better!! Here are a couple of pics from the night.

One more week closer...33 weeks

Here are my 33-week belly pics. Yay, David was even included in a couple of these. We are trying to have several date nights in the next few weeks, before Miss Caroline arrives. I am still feeling great, just getting more and more anxious by the day!! No doctor's appointment this week, but I will have my 34-week check-up on Monday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

32-week appointment

We had our 32-week appointment yesterday. Just the typical weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Everything was great, I had gained one more pound, so I am up 11 pounds. Caroline must be getting all my calories because I eat like a horse :) My blood pressure was perfect and her heart rate was in the 150's. I will have my 34-week appointment and then start going weekly. It has gone by so fast so far, I just hope it doesn't slow down :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

32-week 4D ultrasound

On Friday, I went to get another fun 4D ultrasound at baby views. My mom surprised David and I with the visit for Mother's Day and an early Father's Day present. It was wonderful to get a sneak peak at Caroline, but she was asleep almost the whole time. I was afraid of that, since she is usually very awake anytime after lunch. But, she still looks perfect!! She was weighing 3 pounds 15 oz and is 16 inches long. She was breech at 27 weeks, but now is head down and she is extremely low, trust me, just ask my bladder :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caroline's Baby Shower!!!

My beautiful cake!!

The table was decorated so pretty!!

Yummy, Ed's cookies!!

All the pregnant girls :)

Side view

My little sis is the best aunt ever, love the baby carriage :)

Cute candy tray with personalized chocolates.

Favor bags that my sister and mom made :)

Top of the cake

Katie, Dawn, Nicole and Mandie

All of the wonderful presents.

Carol, Starla and Joslin

Paula and Sharon

Presents from Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah spoiled Caroline just a little ;)

Sarah, me, Mom

The best little sis in the world!!

Julie-The shower was at her house.

Getting ready to open the presents :)

Cute shoes from Aunt Sarah!!

So adorable!!

So many cute things!!

Cute outfits from Nicole.

Scrapbook from Joslin, all I need to do is add pictures of Caroline

Precious Cinderella dress from my mom.

I love this plaque. Thanks Carol and Jared!!

The cutest hat and shoes ever!! Thanks Morgan!!

Bernadette is so talented!!!

More cute things!!

The cutest summer outfit!! Thanks Teri!!

All my wonderful family and friends watching me open presents!!

I love this bag!! Thanks Shelley and Michele!!

I don't want to use this burp cloths, they are too pretty!! Thanks Aunt Sarah!!

Another gift from Aunt Sarah!!

What a great gift!! Thanks to all my hostesses!!!

All of Caroline's goodies, she is already so spoiled!!

My wonderful friends that hosted my shower!!!

My dear friend, Morgan. Also, she gets all the credit for taking such wonderful pictures!!

Silly pose!!

Mary Ann is due about 4-5 weeks after me, we love our bellies!!!

Bailie has the most beautiful blue eyes, this is Mandie's little girl!!

My good friend Lindsey

Sarah H. is due June 10th with little Miss Cecilia. She will be the other pregnant bridesmaid in Sarah's wedding, if she Cecilia can wait until after June 7th :)

Mandie, me and Dawn

Teri, she is the best nanny in the world!!! She is my lifesaver with work!!

Morgan had to put her hand on my belly :)

Joslin is such a great friend!!

Shelley and Starla helping me load my car!!

My wonderful aunts!! Mildred, Dorothy, Sharon and Joyce
I had the most wonderful shower on May 3rd. I will never be able to thank all my family and friends that made this day so special. Caroline is one lucky little girl already. I also want to thank my hostesses that put some much work into making it just beautiful!!! It was the most perfect day!! I want you all to know that you will be such a special part of Caroline's life and I can't wait for everyone to finally get to meet this baby girl. David had so much fun when I got home going through everything. We have started to do the final organizing, but it is still going to take some time. David and I are very fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends that love us so much!!!! We love you all too!!!