November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, July 31, 2008

We LOVE our monkey!!!

David and I have recently been calling Caroline our little monkey. We have no idea where it came from but that is her nickname for now!! Caroline is meeting her grandparents from Florida this week, so we will have lots of new pics soon!! Here is a sweet one I took yesterday!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dealing with REFLUX!!!

Caroline after her two-week checkup.

I was hoping to do a lot of posts this week and catch everyone up. I thought Caroline had her days and nights mixed up, but then I realized she never really slept much either day or night. So, at her two-week check-up this past Monday, the doc decided to put her on Axid for reflux. Well, that has not phased her. I swear in the past 24 hours sweet Caroline has only been able to sleep a good 5-6 hours and those are intervals of 20-30 minutes. The only way she can sleep comfortably is on my chest. I can't stand that she is in pain. So, since Monday it has really started to wear on Caroline and I. We took her back to the doctor today and he decided to switch her from Axid to Prevacid. I pray that this helps!! So, hopefully once we get this under control we can all three get some much needed rest!! It just breaks my heart to see Caroline in any kind of pain :( Here is a picture of my sweet baby girl!!! Also, her weight gain is awesome, birth weight was 6 lbs 14 0z, two days after it was down to 6 lbs 7 0z, then at her one-week it was 6 lbs 12 oz, at her two-week she was up to 7 lbs 5 oz and then today only four days later, she weighed 7 lbs 12 oz. She literally changes right before my eyes everyday!! Also, I have had several people ask me how our fur babies are adapting to her. They love her so much, but they are ready for her tummy to be better, so she doesn't cry all the time. I have some sweet pictures of the dogs with Caroline, hope to be able to catch up soon!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Days and Nights very mixed up!!!

This was last Friday night before going out to dinner for the first time, she slept the whole time!!

I have so many sweet pictures to post, but honestly I do not have enough energy to do it yet :) Caroline has her days and nights very mixed up. She will sleep for a 3 to 4 hour stretch during the day. But, about 1 am she will wake and stay up off and on until 7 am. Any advice on how to switch her schedule??? Here is a picture for now, this was last week. I am sure it is during the day, since she is sleeping so soundly!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I LOVE my aunt Sarah!!!

The most adorable wreath that Aunt Sarah made for the hospital door, it is wrapped in diapers!!
39-week, the day before Caroline was born

"I LOVE my Aunt Sarah"

I don't even know where to start to thank my sister for all the support, overnight stays, food, etc. since Caroline has been born. I know Caroline doesn't know it yet, but she has the best aunt in the entire world. Sarah, we love you so much and thanks for all the help you have given us the past few days, you are such a lifesaver. Also, hurry up with your wedding pictures, so I can post them!! I am still planning to write about Caroline's delivery and I even had my 39-week belly pic ready to post after my appointment on July 7th, but since I got sent straight from my appointment to labor and delivery, never got around to that. So, I guess I can make this my last belly pic picture. Also, David planned to take some semi-professional belly pics that afternoon with our new Nikon camera, never got around to that :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One week yesterday!!!

One-week old

I can't believe sweet Caroline was one week old yesterday!! This is Amy actually finding some energy to make my fingers move and type. I assume my husband has taken over the blog world for the time being. He is having so much doing it :) Just a quick update. Caroline's birth weight was 6 lbs 14 oz. Last Thursday, it was 6 lbs 7 oz, and for her one week weigh in yesterday, she was back up to 6 lbs 12 oz. So, it looks like she is gaining an ounce per day. She loves to eat, so I wasn't surprised with the great news of her being so close to her birth weight. In the next few weeks, we will start to see lots and lots of fat rolls, I can't wait!! I promise I will get around to writing my thoughts on childbirth before Caroline turns 1 :) Here is a sweet picture while we were waiting for the doctor to come see her yesterday. Also, she was a little jaundice last week and he said her coloring was so much better yesterday.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bath time has a whole new meaning!!!

Bath time, what an experience. Bye the way, this is David again and I'm kinda liking this blogging stuff. Transpiring word, thoughts, and certain events onto a web based program, so friends and family can interact is great. I have a feeling you will be getting my perspective about things a lot more. Now where was I, Aha Bath time.

I am entirely very new to this stuff, maybe to new but, bath time in my eyes should be a very joyful, bonding experience between a growing family. Amy and I decided that we would give Caroline a day at the spa, soothing warm water bath, trim and file nails, long lavender massages, and then a big meal to top it all off. Well, that's not exactly how things unfolded. Amy changes Caroline, while I get the water ready Amy then lets me know that this is just going to be a sponge bath not a soaking get all wrinkled up bath. So I then drained all the perfectly warm water that, "the yellow rubber ducky informed that it was not to hot. Caroline then arrives to the little teddy bear sponge that she will be laying in. Shes not real happy at this point, and when the wet wash cloth touched her cold shivering body, she went from not being happy to some sort of exorcist baby. I just wanted it to be over, holding a towel watching Amy carry on this torture was killing me. I'm patting her dry, Amy's getting her wet, not sure if i was helping much but, i know she was cold and i had the warm terry cloth towel that would sooth her quivering body. It was over before Caroline and I new it. I stepped into the picture now and dried her off, i guess i was the hero in Caroline's eyes.
Next on the list, trimming her tiny delicate finger nails. That didn't happen, I thought I was going to cut her finger tips off, Amy and I agreed that filing at this point in her life would best suit all of us. Now, to the massage, she loved it. Stretching her little legs out, yawing, closing her eyes, just wanting more and more. That all changed when we needed to put her cloths back on. For some reason i am very uncomfortable putting outfits on her, I always feel like a will dislocate a shoulder or something, Amy is working with me on my technique. After she calmed down, she filled her tummy up and it was off to bed.

I just loved bath time, and i know that it's all just begun....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The First Caroline Outing

Let me start off by saying that it didn’t go as anticipated, “imagine that”. Caroline’s pediatrician appointment was at 1:50 on July 10. Amy decided that it would be a good idea to start getting ready very early to give us enough time to get things accomplished, i.e. shower, shave, get paper work and bags ready. Well, it’s about 1:47 now and we’re not even in the car yet, dogs need to go to the bathroom and guess what, Caroline just spit up about 2 oz of colostrum all over her new, clean outfit; to say the least, we were late.

She LOVES her car rides, only when were moving though, god forbid we ever come to a stand still. We all arrive safely to the clinic, check in and wait for about 60 minutes before were all called back. Then we get to wait another 30 minutes unit the doctor showes up, so frustrating. Caroline weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 7oz only losing 7oz from birth, which to my understanding is great. She had a little notable jaundice, which is measured through the blood and to get the blood Caroline needed to be pricked on the base of her foot, the way she reacted you would of though the doctor just amputated it, it was heart breaking. As we waited for the results, she started rooting and doing her, “I call it”, the bird face, waiting for a worm from mama, she was hungry. We’re still waiting for the milk to come in so were supplementing formula for the mean time. I went down to the clinics store to get some bottled water, a .99 cent bag of white cheddar popcorn and a bottle of cherry coke. We were not aware this was going to be lunch at the time. I get back up there to feed Caroline and Amy, by this time the doctor shows up with the results and lets us know she is OK, and to bring her back in a couple of days for another weight check.

So we start to pack things up and proceed to put on a clean outfit and diaper. As Amy puts her clothes on I am cleaning her up, wiping her bottom, getting the new diaper ready and just as I open the desitin cream she decides that its time to pee everywhere, its going up her back soaking in to her new outfit, dripping on the floor, and saturating that white paper stuff on the bench she was sitting on. Of course this just couldn't be enough for us very noticeable first time parents, but some how she was able to get her tiny little hands all in the desitin cream and rub it in her ears, nose, hair, and body. It’s just amazing what can happen in a matter of seconds.

Now after that escapade she has no more clean cloths, so we had to wrap her up in a baby blanket and put her in the car seat with just a diaper on. If I were to guess, Caroline has about 200 hundred outfits she can wear in her closet and she’s going home with nothing on, this just goes to show no matter how well prepared you think you are for any situation, your not.

So, all-in-all, the first outing was unexpected and something we will never forget.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update soon...

As all of you new mommies know, blogging is sometimes difficult with a 4-day old. But, I wanted to let everyone know that we came home on Wednesday and are doing wonderful!! David and I want to thank everyone for the sweet messages, visits, phone calls, etc. It makes this experience even better for us. My goal is to write about my delivery and catch everyone up over the weekend. David has requested to write a blog about our first outing yesterday with Caroline, let's just say I almost peed my pants and I am not even pregnant with the small bladder anymore :) But, for now, here is a 3-day old picture of sweet Caroline yesterday :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pictures of the little girl

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6 lbs 14.4 oz

here she is in her birthday suit!

MOMMY at last!

Daddy's little girl!

Caroline Mae

Here she is officially, excuse her tiny little nose being smashed, she has been so low for a long time and probably been on Amy's pelvic bone.

Caroline is here!!!

Caroline was born at 7:24 pm.

6 lbs 14 oz
19.5 inches

She has dark hair.

The Kelly family is doing great!

I will update when we get more good news!!!


Glitter Graphics

Amy has started pushing!

Got the epidural and life is good

Amy got the epidural around 5:00. At 5:15, she was feeling great!
She is 5 cm and 80% effacement. She also has a foley now.

The dr was coming to check on things so we should be getting an update soon!

At 6:00 pm --
A good 6 cm now 85 percent.

Amy's Progress Update

At about 3:00 they broke Amy's water and she is 4 cm and 75% effaced

Now, she is about to get the epidural.

She was induced technically but the dr saw that she was in labor and sent her to the hospital. Amy had been having some contractions yesterday but nothing real regular.

Now, the contractions are 1 - 2 minutes apart.

Caroline will be here soon - - -

Going to the Dr/Hospital!

This is Bern taking over Amy's blog for the next little while ...

Just got a message from Amy saying she is checking in to Labor and Delivery and Caroline will be here today.

I know she had a dr appt this morning at 10:45 so the dr must have seen something!

I will post as soon as I hear anything! Sarah (Amy's sister) is going to keep me posted so I can tell the blog world!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bags almost packed!!!

Our new ottoman aka coffee table!!

I can't wait to start reading to her :)

I can't wait to dress her in all these adorable clothes!!

Caroline's Closet

I left some daddy room for David's stuff!!

Caroline's bag is ready to go!!!

Well, I have Caroline's bag packed and I am working on mine. I finally have her closet organized, but it could still use a little more. I have all of her newborn to 3 month clothes washed and ready to wear. Also, I have been collecting bows for the past few months, can you tell???? Also, I had to make a late night run to Barnes and Nobles last weekend, I realized that Caroline did not have the "Goodnight Moon" book and I thought I had to get it instantly :) Also, we decided to put our coffee table in the attic for a few years. I found this awesome ottoman, it is huge and I thought it could be used as a coffee table. I can also see Caroline using this to pull up on probably this time next year!! Katie and Lacey think it is a new seat for them, especially since it is right under our living room fan!!

38-weeks~almost done, I hope so anyways!!

38-weeks side view

Front view at 38-weeks, my belly is very heavy ;)



Okay, honestly I am ready to start posting pictures of Caroline instead of these belly pics. I feel like that is the only thing I have posted lately. My doctor wants David and I to stay close to home, so that is what we have been doing. So, nothing really exciting going on, but I am sure the excitement is just around the corner :) At 37-weeks, I was 1 cm and 25% effaced, now at 38-weeks, I am 2 cm and 50% effaced. It feels like she is never going to get here!! So, all you mommies out there please tell me that the progress I am having is normal, because I feel like it is slow!!! I would love to hear any of your progression stories. My doctor is talking about inducing between July 12-14, but I really want Caroline to come on her own terms before then. I plan to do a lot of walking this weekend, I mean I wonder if that will really help???? My blood pressure at my check-up on Monday was 110/72 and I had gained 2 pounds, so the total is 17 pounds, since at my 37-week I had lost a pound. I think right now everything is fluid. I am having major swelling in my feet and ankles. David and I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July , have fun and be safe.