November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caroline's First Easter!!

Coordinating Easter baskets that I had made for Caroline and Corbin.
Easter Basket from Grandpa and Grandma Kelly

We put her bunny ears on from her Grandma

But, I didn't think they would stay on long since she doesn't want to wear hair bow, sunglasses or hats.

Yep, I know Miss Caroline way too well :)

All of her goodies from her family.

Uncle Jason and Caroline at Easter lunch

Mommy, Caroline and Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah made her the most adorable Easter basket.

All of her goodies from Grammy Jones

Easter goodies from Sassy.

Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy

Caroline had a wonderful first Easter!!! She got a little spoiled from the Easter bunny or in her case the Easter bunnies :) We went to church Easter morning then met my family for lunch at the Cracker Barrel. I can't wait for Caroline's first Easter egg hunt next year!! Caroline made it through the first 20-30 minutes of the service, then I had to take her to the nursery, where she had way more fun. She doesn't do well sitting still. For all my fellow bloggers that know her, know exactly what I am talking about :) She received goodies from mommy and daddy, aunt Sarah and all her grandparents. Enjoy ALL the pics!!

Lunch at Ya Ya's

Last Saturday I met my good friends Carol and Starla at Ya Ya's for lunch. David was on the golf course all day, so my mom and sister came to play with Caroline for a few hours while I snuck away for some girl time. It was so yummy!! It is in the Chenal Promenade, you should check it out. It is a Euro Bistro.

Jennifer and TJ's Wedding

Caroline trying to go see Miley.
They kept giving each other kisses. They are a year apart :)

Family Portrait

Chloe holding Caroline on the dance floor.

They almost having matching dresses.
Anna Luneau with Caroline (she is going to have to baby sit for us).

We went to Jennifer and TJ's wedding on Saturday, it was beautiful. I ended up going alone to the wedding because Caroline was so peaceful in her afternoon nap. David met me at the reception. Caroline had so much fun with all the kiddos there. She wanted to be right in the middle of the dance floor. I have come to the conclusion that Caroline will be a happier baby once she can walk. Since, she started crawling that is her main mobility, but she tries and tries to always stand up. She can do it holding on, but if she lets go, plop on your booty she goes. Jennifer is my brother-in-laws sister. I can't believe I didn't get any pics of the bride and groom. They are enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii right now, ahhhh, that sounds so nice!!

Another crawling video

Here is one more video of Caroline crawling. Please excuse my voice, I always forget that this is going to be on the blog and everyone gets to hear me :)

Tucker and Caroline's zoo playdate!!

Waiting in line and having some puffs, there is even some left on her mouth. She loves to eat puffs.
Tucker was more interested in Caroline than the zoo animals.

Caroline and Tucker (I wonder what they are thinking :)

Caroline and I met Cheri and Tucker at the zoo last Wednesday. It was a beautiful day for the zoo!! We had a very eventful trip. We were almost ready to leave and we were looking at the last exhibit of the Lemurs. There was a 5-week old baby Lemur playing and we were just in awe of how cute it was. But, within seconds it fell into the water. Both the parents of the Lemur frantically tried to scoop it up. I didn't know until later that Lemurs can't swim. Once, the baby started to go under, I ran to the front gate and had the lady radio in all the zookeepers to help. Another bystander captured it all on videotape. Cheri would of jumped in for it, however she had Tucker and Caroline both in their strollers, since I took off running to get help. I am going to copy and paste the story below. We really thought the baby Lemur was going to make it. But, unfortunately, it only survived a day after the incident.

New story on baby Lemur:

Two days after the dramatic rescue of a five-week-old baby lemur named Houdini at the Little Rock Zoo, and officials report he has died.
He was found this morning, and zoo officials speculate he may have contracted pneumonia after his fall on Wednesday into the chilly waters of a moat that surrounds the lemur enclosure.
"We knew he was not totally out of the woods. That's so traumatic for a baby to go through," says LR Zoo employee Karen Caster.
Caster says the lemur's mother is mourning the loss."Right now I think she's still hopeful that we're going to bring her baby back, because we brought him back once. And this morning after we took him away and my co-worker came back to clean, she did search my co-worker which we presume is for the baby," Caster says.
A zoo visitor captured the whole thing on video. He was able to alert zookeepers, who rushed to pull the tiny ringtailed lemur after he went under.
Houdini was born last month at the zoo.Reported earlier:The Little Rock Zoo's only baby ringtail lemur will turn five weeks old Friday, but it's a milestone he almost didn't reach.The lemur, which weighs less than one pound, nearly drowned when he fell into the moat in his habitat. A local father captured the dramatic rescue on tape.Jeff Powell was visiting the zoo with his wife and two daughters and were watching the lemurs Wednesday afternoon. "We were very excited to see the baby lemur hopping back and forth on his two parents right next to the water," he said. "All of a sudden, the baby lost his footing and fell into the water."Powell started recording and watched as the baby's parents frantically tried to reach him. Within seconds, the baby slipped under water."As a parent, you can feel the pain the little lemurs are going through. It was very emotional to be there and really to watch on video," he said.They alerted zoo staff, who arrived within minutes. Several leaped over the fence and into the water. They quickly scanned the moat as Powell and other zoo visitors tried to direct them where the animal went under. Primate animal caretaker Karen Caster found him and pulled him out of the water."These guys, we spend as much time with them as family, even more than our family," she said. "You get very attached to them. It's just like your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews. They're part of your family."Curator Joseph Darcangelo began performing CPR and tried to breathe life back into the baby."I could see little bubbles coming out of his nose. I could see his eyes still open. I could see him gagging for breath. I didn't lose hope," he said.Powell's wife snapped pictures as the baby started breathing on his own."I don't know if I'd be considered a hero. I'm just a man doing his job with a good staff," he said.Powell gave the zoo staff his daughter's baby blanket to warm the animal. Staff members say it's a miracle the baby cheated death, and he lived up to his namesake: Houdini."I think it's fitting. It's very fitting," Caster said."I think Houdini needs to work on his water act," Darcangelo said.Caster says Houdini is doing as well as can be expected and he's isolated with his parents so he can recover. He's not out of the woods yet because he could develop pneumonia or an infection, so he must be monitored closely. He only weighs 373 grams. It may be several weeks until he returns to his habitat. Caster says they are also examining the moat to see if there's something they should change.During the rescue, Powell and his wife kept assuring their four-year-old daughter that Houdini would be okay. They bought her a stuffed lemur and he says the little girl insisted on saying a prayer for Houdini that evening. They will return to the zoo in the next two weeks.Caster says Houdini was named after the magician because he was born on Friday the 13th and is considered "magic." His biological father Jerry passed away before Houdini was born, but Todd treats him as if Houdini were his own son.Caster says Houdini is the first and only baby ringtailed lemur to be born at the Little Rock Zoo. She says lemur mating is strictly monitored and Houdini's mother, Pepper, had a birth control implant, but it apparently failed. Lemurs can only get pregnant one day during the entire year. Staffers thought Jerry was too old to be a father, but staff members were surprised when Pepper became pregnant.Lemurs are primates and originated from Madagascar.
I don't have any pics of the lemur because I was too busy getting help and watching them rescue him, plus Caroline was way past her nap, so I was trying to make her happy too!!

Corbin Belly Pics finally!!

Almost 25 weeks pregnant with Corbin
Side view of 25 weeks with Corbin
24 weeks with Corbin

Okay, as I looked back at all of Caroline's belly pics, I was always dressed decent. But, as you can see from this picture things have changed. Usually, once we are home for the day, I get as comfortable as possible. This was taken last week, so I was 24ish weeks. So much bigger than I was with Caroline. I didn't start taking belly pics with Caroline until I was 26 weeks. So, once I hit 26 weeks, I will always put up a pic to compare my belly from her pregnancy to Corbin's. The other two belly pics with the black shirt, I am closer to 25 weeks. I am dressed up because we were about to head to Jennifer and T.J.'s wedding.

Caroline's 9-month stats

Caroline had her 9-month check up on April 7th. She is growing so fast!!
Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz-75th percentile
Height: 27 3/8 inches-75th percentile
Head Circumference: 43 cm

This was a fun check up because there are no shots involved!! Caroline's next round of shots will be at 12 months.
Here are a few things that Caroline is doing at 9-months:
Crawling as fast as she can everywhere.
Pulling up and cruising around stuff.
Loves to try to feed herself, only 1/3 of it makes it in her mouth.
Loves her playroom, she just goes from one toy to the next. David or I have to be in there with her. If we leave, she will follow us.
Saying "DADAAAA", but doesn't quite know what the concept of it. However, if I ask her where "Daddy" is, she will always look straight at David.
She loves to wave hi and bye to everyone, she even curls her little fingers.
She loves to point and wave at any pictures of herself in the house.
Loves and I means loves other kids. I think Corbin will instantly have a playmate, but it will be hard for her to understand that he can't play right away :)
Finally made the switch from her special amino acid based formula to regular formula, so far she has been tolerating it very well. I think she may have outgrown the milk protein allergy.
She loves all kinds of food when she is hungry. However, she doesn't have a huge appetite, she had much rather be on the go.
She loves Katie and Lacey, anytime I tell her to go find the puppies, she goes straight for them.
She sleeps through the night for 10-12 hours (unless her teeth or ears are bothering her). She has had two ear infections in the past two months.
She could live outside, loves to in her stroller or laying on a blanket in the yard.
She is so much fun at this age and so full of personality, everywhere we go people are just amazed at how outgoing she is :)
She also loves to shake her little booty to any kind of music, it is too funny!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Branson was a BLAST!!

Caroline watching the dance show at Joe's Crab Shack!!
Just got to the lodge and headed off to explore.

The family at Joe's.

Bass Pro Shop
All of my outlet mall shopping goodies.

David trying to feed Caroline, she was easily distracted.

Chad, Graham and Stephanie at Bass Pro Shop.

Stephanie and I at Branson Landing

I sat my ice cream in front of Caroline for a split second, just to see her face. I am sure she will love ice cream someday, just like her mommy.

Caroline and Graham playing before bathtime.

Caroline only wanted to play with Graham's toys, they were much better.

Two little chubby babies :)

Graham is like "Caroline what in the world are you doing", notice Caroline's carpet burn knees :)

Getting ready to head home and making one of her many silly faces.

Bathtime is so much fun!!

The weekend before last we went to Branson for the weekend with the Neipling's (Chad, Stephanie and Graham). We left on Friday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon. We decided since we had so much baby gear that we should take our own cars :) We checked in to the Alpine Lodge. It wasn't first class, but we had three bedrooms and plenty of room for all of us. We mainly decided to stay there because of the fishing for Chad and David. It was only about 10 minutes from all the outlet malls. We went to Joe's Crab Shack that late afternoon and it was YUMMY!! Caroline decided not to sleep on the way up there, so after Joe's and some sightseeing at Branson Landing we headed back to the lodge. Graham and Caroline had so much fun playing together. They are almost exactly two months apart. Stephanie and I enjoyed some Mexican lunch and a few hours of shopping all ALONE!! Later that afternoon the guys and babies met us. Poor Caroline slept pretty well at night, but her naps were not that great. Caroline MUST have her naps. So, once we got home, we laid her down for a nap at 4:30 pm thinking she would wake around 6 or 7, but she slept through until 7 am the next morning. She was worn out!! We can't wait for another trip with the Neipling's. It was so much guys and we had a blast!!