November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Friday, October 23, 2009

15-month Random Pictures

Here are just a few tartar sauce face shots and Caroline's new obsession in the kitchen pulling all the pizza pan, muffin trays, etc from the bottom drawer.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caroline loves tarter sauce!!

We got take out from the Cock of the Walk last week and Caroline couldn't get enough tarter sauce. She loved her catfish dinner.

Caroline's First fair ride!!

We took Caroline and Corbin to the Arkansas state fair. I will post pictures later. This is a video of Caroline's first ever fair ride. Yes, I went through a whole tub of wet ones, kept her hands scrubbed constantly.

Corbin 9-weeks old

We always try to video Corbin smiling and cooing, but as soon as the camera comes out he gets serious. David got a few little coos from him.

Caroline's 15-month update

Such a big girl.

Realized I tried to sneak a bow in her hair.

In a zone.

Can't seem to get a picture where she will stand still for a second.

Caroline is changing so much everyday. I try to write or video all the new things that she is doing, but that is so hard with two little ones.

15-month Stats:

Weight 24 lbs 10 oz (50 percentile)
Length 30 7/8 (50 percentile)

Head (can't remember but it was 25 percentile)

She scared David and I to death at her 15-month checkup. After her shots, she started crying like always, but she never took a breath. So, I grabbed her to comfort her and she went limp and turned blue and purple. I had never experienced that before, so I will know next time to blow in her face. The doctor came running in and reassured me it was common. But, it still scared me so much. I will be prepared next time and I will only allow one shot per visit.

Some things Caroline is doing at 15 months:

*Walking and running everywhere
*Mimicks everything David and I do
*Still sleeps 11-12 hours at night and usually two naps, but the late afternoon one is hit and miss.
*Has 12 teeth, 4 bottom, 4 top and 4 molars. The molars have been very hard on her coming in.
*Hair is getting much darker and finally starting to grow a little
*Favorite words: Banana-"nana", Shoes-"shus", momma, dadda, Uh-Oh-"O-O", Cow-"mmmm", Dog-"ddd", Ball, Outside-"ousite" and lots of other words that she says daily but it is her own language at the moment. I was a little concerned about her lack of words, but her pediatrician reassured me after he evaluated her she has great talking skills, we just can't understand everything right now.
*She learned to open the pantry door, so we are going to have to latch it up top.
*Understands almost everything we say to her, she will throw things in the trash, untie her shoe, go get any toy we ask her, point out objects in books. Pretty amazing what all that little brain can hold.

*Also loves to point her finger at me and say no-no, cute right now, not so much in a few months.
*Loves to eat unless she is cutting a tooth (some days I struggle to get her to eat, but I think that is normal for a toddler-some favorites are banana, avocados, beef stew, cheese, tuna casserole, carrots, green beans, blueberry pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt and her splurge I give her a couple of bites of Yarnell's Pumpkin Pie ice cream :) I know she is going to love Thanksgiving dinner this year.

*Very picky about drinking whole milk straight. When she was going through a no eating period, I made a huge mistake and gave her a sip of vanilla pedisure. I know what was I thinking, but I just wanted to make sure she was getting her nutrients. Well, now I have to put in a little vanilla pediasure with her milk. She LOVES ice water.
*Loves closing and opening doors, better at closing them right now.

*Wants to give mommy, daddy, brother, katie and lacey kisses 24/7
*Her most favorite thing right now is playing outside, she would live outside if I would let her. It has been really hard with all the rain, but she is always at the door wanting to go out.

*Obsessed with playing with her belly button.

*Knows and will point to ours or her belly, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, eyes, hair, foot, hand, fingers, toes and of course belly buttons.
I will probably think of lots to add. I really need to start blogging more so I don't forget all the funny things she is doing right now.

Brother always needs a paci......

Caroline always gives Corbin good morning kisses.
She is actually trying to get Corbin her paci, thank goodness he doesn't like that kind.

Bathtime is so much fun, but I know once Corbin can sit up, they are going to play and play each night in the bath.

or so big sister thinks :) Caroline literally thinks Corbin is a real life baby doll. She is always giving him kisses, trying to pick him up, burp him, put a paci in his mouth (but most of the time it goes in his ear, eye, nose, etc.). No matter what kind of mood Corbin is in, he always smiles so big when he sees Caroline. It melts my heart!!!

Corbin 2-month stats

Yay, I am going to be able to post Corbin's two-month stats before he actually turns 3-months old tomorrow. What, I can't believe he is already three months old!!! Corbin was very fussy there for awhile, but just in the last couple of weeks he has been the best baby. He only fusses if he is hungry or fighting sleep. He loves to smile and coo. Corbin does a little laugh, but no actual giggles yet :) He usually goes to bed around 7-8pm, I wake him around 10 or 11 for a power feed then he sleeps until 2-3 am, gets fed and then goes back to sleep until 6 or 7am. Corbin is still in our room, but we are thinking around 5-6 months to move him to his crib.

He did great with his two-month shots.

Weight 10 lbs 13 oz (25-50 percentile)

Height 22 7/8 inches (50-75 percentile)

Head 15 1/8 inches (25 percentile)

Here are some pics of Corbin from weeks 9-10.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Caroline loves her baby brother!!

Daddy with his two babies!!

Always trying to pick him up!!

Tickle Corbin's toes.

I promise to update both of my sweet babies 2-month and 15-month check up stats soon. Here are some sweet pictures of Caroline and Corbin. She is so in love with her brother and he just smiles at Caroline. They are going to be best friends very soon!!