November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cohen Matthew-4D ultrasound 28-weeks

David and I went to babyviews for Cohen's 4D ultrasound. I was right at 28 weeks. He is measuring about 2 weeks ahead, which is normal for all of my pregnancies. Cohen is very, very low, just like my other two babies. He is estimated to be right at 3 pounds and he is all legs. Cohen's legs were in the 87 percentile. Everything looked very healthy, so we are now just going to wait about 8-10 weeks to meet our precious little boy!! Caroline is very ANXIOUS, every morning she says "Is Cohen coming out of your belly today?" Corbin doesn't know what is about to happen :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corbin 15-month checkup


Weight 27 lb 3 oz-95th percentile

Height 33 inches-95 percentile

Head 18 3/4 inches-75th percentile

Corbin had a great 15-month checkup. The doctor said he was perfect in every way!! He is for sure a big boy.

Here are some things Corbin is doing at 15 months:

* Sleeping 10-12 hours at night

* Taking one 2-3 hour nap daily

* Loves his blanky and paci

*Loves his "sissy"

*Will eat almost anything around. Some of his favorites are oranges, cheese, yogurt, green beans to name just a few.

*Drinks 16 oz of milk on a daily basis, unless he is teething

*Currently has 8 teeth, with 8 more all coming in at the same time.

*Goes to Mother's Day Out three days a week at the church from 9-2 and loves it!!

*Follows Caroline around to play, but also loves to play independently by himself

*Words that he will say: Dora, Dada, Mama, Sissy, Bye, Hi, Home, Cheese, Juice, Dog and new ones are coming everyday.
*Loves to make animal sounds such as cow, pig, duck, dog :)

*Can point to his basic body parts: Ears, nose, belly, feet, toes, mouth, and head.

*Very strong-willed, just like Caroline.

*The difference I see at this point in having a boy and girl is that Caroline is much more dramatic. I think a lot of that is age plus being a little girl.

*Loves to dance, starts dancing anytime he hears music.

*Overall, a very happy little boy. But, we do sometimes see the red head tantrums come out for awhile.

October Randoms

I am doing my best to keep the blog up more and more these days before another sweet newborn arrives in our house and things get even crazier!! Plus, after receiving my hard copies of blog books, it has made me realize what a wonderful scrapbook this really is of our daily lives. Something all three kids will be able to look through many years down the road :) October has been very busy with lots of Fall Carnivals, festivals, etc.

My little diva.
This is what she comes out of my closet in, I always just let her play in there, while I am getting ready. But, she always leaves a huge mess to clean up!!

This is her daddy made over.

Mommy with her sweet boy (Corbin is 14 months in this picture) and mommy is 27 weeks prego with Cohen.

Caroline blowing daddy a kiss!!

Caroline relaxing at the Harvest Festival at the Wildwood Gardens. It is so beautiful out there.

Corbin chewing on his train whistle.

Caroline posing in front of the hay maze.

Caroline and Corbin had so much fun playing in the hay maze.

Caroline loves to get in this basket and play like she is sleeping, cracks me up everytime.

This is what the majority of my pictures look like of Corbin because he won't stand still, he just comes chasing after me when I have the camera.

Listening to big sister read his favorite book.

On the way to MDO, fry bear and all!!

No matter the 2 year tantrums and sass, Caroline is still pure sweetness!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Arkansas State Fair 2010

We took the kids to the Arkansas State Fair on a Monday during the day (Columbus Day) because David had the day off. It was free admission until 1pm and $1.00 rides. We ate a lot of yummy fair food. Caroline and Corbin's favorite part was the petting zoo area. Corbin was cracking up at the baby goats. He could of stayed in there all day. They were both not happy when it was time to leave, but we all four needed naps :)

Getting ready to leave to go to the fair.
Caroline has the longest legs.

Checking out the Arkansas Game and Fish booth.

Having fun on the ducky ride with Daddy.

Crazy school bus ride.

They are both such animal lovers.

Corbin was giggling the whole time.

This is what I saw of him most of the time as I was chasing him around.

Cute little wallaby.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Caroline's first tricycle

Caroline got her first official tricycle last week!! Perfect timing for the beautiful fall weather :) We are still trying to master the pedaling technique as opposed to the pushing with the feet technique. I wanted to get her the pink one, but we decided on the red, so the brothers can ride it when Caroline gets a real bike.

Skatium Anything on Wheels

Once a month the local skating ring has anything on wheels for toddlers. It is on a Friday from 10-12 and everyone brings their favorite toy on wheels. This was our first time and it was really fun, except for Corbin kept trying to open the front door. So, I was constantly chasing him back and forth. They even had the lights dim and the disco ball with fun music playing :)

Caroline pointing to Corbin telling him "no, no"
Corbin trying to talk Presley into letting him borrow her cool ice cream truck.


Yay, I finally got to push it when Presley was done.

Caroline was not in a sharing mood, which lead to her trying to keep up with three or four different toys.

Trying to push Corbin.