November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Round two!!

The view when I first woke up, I did not watch the weather so there was a total suprise.
David building Caroline and Corbin a snowman.

What a great snowman!!

If you click on the picture and make it bigger, you can see Lacey laying on the front doorstep, she never wanted to come in.

Caroline loved her snowman!!

The second round of snow was much better!! Here are just a few pics. Caroline loved her snowman!!

Snow Day Round One!!

Snow just starting to fall, but Katie and Lacey get in such a good mood!!
Lacey Lou

Katie Bug
The next morning Caroline had so much fun enjoying the little bit of snow that was left.

Trying to eat the snow!!

I brought Corbin out for a few minutes after his nap, so he could see snow for the first time. This was actually Caroline's first time to see snow too!!
My snow babies!!

The dogs had so much fun tackling each other in the snow.

We have had lots of winter weather the past few weeks!! I have to say I am over it and ready for the Spring. However, it was lots of fun to play in it and letting Caroline experience it. There is still a few small spots of snow around and of course Caroline is fast to point that out. Her new favorite word is "snooo". Too cute!! We didn't get enough to build a snowman the first round, but the second round David built Caroline an awesome snowman!!

Sweet babies!!

Caroline just finished eating her first oreo
Strike a pose

How is it possible that she is this big??

What's up, Caroline kept putting the Firehouse Sub hat on Corbin, it was so funny!!

Pretty blue eyes!!
Say cheese!!

Corbin and Aunt Sarah

I am trying to keep our blog as a scrapbook for the babies to look back someday, so here are just a few random snapshots taken!!

Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Day dance!!

Caroline and Daddy on their way to the dance.
My little sweetheart!!
Pretty Girl.
All the little girls playing before the dance.

Trying to get a good picture before they left.
Caroline was ready to gooooo!!

Poor little Corbin had pink eye. It was looking much better, but so pitiful!!

Balloon obsession

Running from daddy :)

Caroline and David went to a Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Day dance last weekend!! It was so adorable seeing all the little girls in their pretty dresses. Before the dance we went over to the Lada's house to have Chick-Fil-A and hang out. All the mommies and little boys stayed over and hung out while everyone was at the dance. Caroline had fun, but I think there was way too much going on for her. David said she kept running away from him and never wanted to let him hold her and dance with her, like she usually does at home. Plus, she had a zillion balloons to play with. Also, while David was filling out the picture information Caroline opened the fire emergency door and set off the alarm. David was exhausted when he returned from the dance :)