November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lots of random Big Sister, Little Brother pictures...

Sweet Caroline kisses!!
Smell my foot, Little Brother ha ;)

I love it!!

Caroline loves her baby brother more and more everyday, but I think brother loves her lots too!! They are going to BEST FRIENDS forever!!! Most of these were when Corbin was 3 months and Caroline was 16 months.

A few more from the evening of meeting Santa!!

Waiting to see Santa!!
After the visit with Santa.

Pointing to Santa before she sat on his lap!!

Visit with Santa!!

Well, the visit with Santa went just as I thought it would. Caroline loves to point to Santa in magazines, books, anywhere but on his lap!!! Corbin was just chill as always!! Next year should be very interesting with two toddlers!!

But, afterwards, she calmed down, but no smiles for Santa!! GRRR, blogger never puts my pictures in order, sorry!!

Splish Splash with Lelly!!

The flash gets him everytime!!
Funny faces that are priceless!!

Here are a few bathtime pics of Lelly and Corbin during the Thanksgiving break. Corbin loves taking a bath so much!!

Community Center FUN!!

Caroline loved bouncing on the alligator!!
Mommy and Caroline, you can see brother right behind us sleeping through all the action!!

Loving on Aunt Sarah :)

Starting to warm up and let the climbing begin!!
Caroline and Avery

My friend Hailey has three little girls 4 and under, so she has the scoop on fun things to do during the week. She told me that every Thursday and Friday the Maumelle Community Center has open play gymnastics. I was a little nervous to go considering that 10:30 is Caroline's naptime. But, we gave it a shot and she did great!! Aunt Sarah had stopped by that morning, so she went and it is so great to have an extra set of hands!! I hope to start going several times a month after the holidays!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Won BAD BLOGGER of the year award!!

Everybody is looking everywhere but at Mommy and the camera!!
Give me some kisses sista!!
My little man!!

I don't set too many goals lately because it is rare that I get those accomplished. But, we are leaving Christmas Day for Florida to spend Christmas with Joyce and Ken. I am hoping to catch up the past few weeks before that. Then, I can return to my normal blogging after the holidays. Please, please don't quit checking in with us :) Here is just a little picture of my babies. Caroline is dressed boyish, but hey I can do that before she tells me otherwise :) I don't have twins, but at least I can do some matching outfits every now and then. BTW, Congrats to the Mulhearn's who are expecting TWINS the end of May!!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


David turned 30 on Sunday!! Of course, I had to get a cake from Mickey's and it said Happy Birthday Daaa. Caroline will say "Daddy" perfect, but she usually calls him daaa, daaa!! We spent the morning with the babies then we snuck out for awhile. David wanted Copeland's ribs for a late lunch and then we went to see Blind Side (amazing movies). It is always so nice for some alone time with my honey!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Corbin just turned 4 months...ALREADY!!!!!

I can't believe my sweet boy is 4 months old. I had no idea with the second baby that the time would go even faster!! Corbin is such an awesome baby!! He is taking great naps, usually two long ones and a cat nap before or after dinner. The past three nights, he has slept through the night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps this up. Corbin is very vocal and always wants to be talked too. He is rolling over and loves eating his feet. He adores Caroline, he can be fussing and when he eyes find her, the biggest smile comes over his face. Corbin did great at his 4 month checkup. He is much smaller, but longer than Caroline at this age.
Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz 20-30 percentile
Length: 25 inches-50-75 percentile
Head 16 1/4- 20-30 percentile
One of his favorite things is looking at himself and talking in the mirror on his tummy time mat.

Who is that handsome boy in the mirror?
Got my toes!!

Gorgeous blue eyes!!

Just got home from seeing Santa!!

Caroline at 16 months

Not sure what this look is about, but she loved her ravioli dinner.

Always on the go.

Mommy, it is way too early for that flash in my face.

Playing outside as you can see it is dark, the child loves to be outside. Caroline has a meltdown everytime we come inside.

Just woke up from her afternoon nap.

Loves her new bike trailer. David only did a test ride until her helmet came in. Now, it is so cold!!

Caroline had so much fun it. Next year, will be so much more fun once brother is one and he can ride too!!
Getting ready to go for a quick ride.

Hurry up mommy, I want breakfast.

Having her milk before bed. She ran in from the bath and grabbed it, she couldn't wait for David to sit down with her :)

Here are some pictures taking of Caroline at 16 months. She is sooo much fun at this age. I am amazed everyday at her vocabulary and how she just says new things all the time. For example, this morning as soon as she woke up, she points to her teeth and says "teeth" clear as day.