November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day at the park!!

Caroline pulling the blanket away.
Trying to hold her down for a quick second for a picture!!

She was running as fast as she could!! Funny girl!!

My beautiful blue-eyed girl!!

Daddy's girl!! Is it just me or do these two look more alike everyday?

Baby brother had the right idea, taking a long afternoon nap ;)

We decided to pack the family and go to the Maumelle Park out by Pinnacle Mountain!! It was such a beautiful afternoon. However, it did get pretty chilly fast. Corbin had his swaddle blanket, so he was just fine. Caroline was so busy out there. We were pretty close to the water, so I wouldn't let her 5 feet from me. She knew she could not walk forward down the steep embankment, so she kept turning her little bottom around and scooting down. I got my workout for the day. We didn't stay as long as expected because Caroline got really tired and everyone that knows her, knows it is time to go home and sleep. She would never fall asleep out there on the blanket. It was a fun family outing!!

Love my new RIDE!!

Well, David and I decided to take a one day trip with the babies and dogs. What were we thinking? I am not quite sure. I had my Expedition (it has a third row seat) but if you put it up there is no cargo room in the back for strollers, bags, etc. So, we decided to get something a little bigger. So, there would be plenty of room for our whole family including the dogs. I think Caroline's favorite part is the DVD system, so she can watch Dora :) It has the captain seats, which I love. I have been a little nervous about backing it up, but thank goodness for the sensors and the backup camera. Woo hoo, now we have room for more babies!! Just kidding!! (well maybe).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wow, 5 years has flown by...

Nov. 11, 2004
Nov. 11, 2004
Mommy, Caroline and Daddy Oct. 2008

Mommy, Corbin, Daddy and Caroline August 2009

July 7, 2008-Caroline Mae
July 23rd, 2009-Corbin Michael

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband today!! We are celebrating 5 years of marriage today!! We have accomplished a lot in our five years of marriage and I hope to have 55+ more years with you sweetheart!! I knew you would always be a wonderful husband, but had no idea what a wonderful dad you would be!! We have had a very busy, wonderful, stressful, and many more emotions of a year ;) But, we know as a team nothing can defeat us!! LOVE YOU today and forever David!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Love this GIGGLE!!

Corbin has started to giggle and of course smile ALL the time!! But, he seems to tone it down the second we get the camera out!! So, this is the best we could get for now!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween Pictures part one 2009

Trick or Treating bags, guess they will get them filled up next year ;)
Blue-eyed girl
Teasing the pups with her cheerios.

Precious boy!!

Little red hair man!!

Caroline and her daddy :)
Mr. Giraffe fell asleep.

This little piggy is getting sleepy!!

Momma's little piggy!!

Caroline loves to ride all the rides, somehow mommy squeezed in to this one to hold her.

Blue-eyed boy

Here are my sweet babies in their Halloween attire. We didn't do any trick or treating or party going because sweet Caroline was very sick. So, we just stayed around the house. We went to the Boo at the Zoo for a few hours before Halloween. More sister and brother Halloween costume pics to come :)

Caroline is feeling better!!

Finally feeling better!!

Poor baby wasn't feeling good this day :(

She kept looking for this pea when she dropped it, silly girl it was in your belly button.
Felt good enough to have a blueberry pancake!!

Poor Caroline has been sick with the H1N1 flu. Thankfully, we got it very early, so she never really got very bad. We all took a round of Tamiflu, except for Corbin. We are so thankful that Corbin did not get sick. We had to miss all of the Halloween festivities :( We did not get any pictures of them together since we had to keep Corbin far away from Caroline, so I know this is silly but I am going to put them in their costume this weekend and take some pictures of them together. I know if I don't I will regret not doing it for Corbin's first Halloween :) So check back next week of the cutest pig and giraffe ever. I do have a couple of them at Boo at the Zoo, but I want to get some better pics. Here are some random 15.5 month Caroline pictures.

Corbin and Caroline

Caroline Halloween 2008
Corbin Halloween 2009

Here are some pics of Corbin and Caroline at Halloween almost the same age, Caroline was just about 2.5 weeks older this time last year.

I love this sweet BOY so much!!

Not happy about tummy time.
Okay, now I see my sister that makes everything better :)

So sweet!! Caroline wore this at Halloween last year :) I will have to post some pics of them side by side.

Look at how long I am!!

Corbin gave mommy and daddy a rough month or two being very, very fussy. But, once he hit the 3-month mark he is the happiest and most content baby ever!! Please stop growing so fast little man!! Corbin is much leaner and longer than Caroline at this age.