November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Museum of Discovery and Playtime with Lelly!!

Lesley and I took the kiddos to the Museum of Discovery yesterday and met up with the Dougherty family. Caroline loves playing with Rowan. Poor Penn wasn't feeling well, but he and Corbin still had fun at lunch. We went to Bosco's for lunch after playing for a few hours!!

Up in the lighthouse with Lelly.

Sweet boys.

Eating lunch with four toddlers is just plain INSANE!!

But, it sure is nice to have the extra set of hands of Lelly. Especially since mommy is so PREGNANT!!

Woke up from their nap and ready to play again!!

Caroline always wants to do a belly shot when I do mine, so here is Caroline's final belly shot pose. My last one will be at the hospital on Monday :)

Cohen 38 weeks~YIPPEEEE!!

Wow, we made it to full term with Cohen Matthew. I seriously had my doubts a few times. I have had some pretty serious contractions on and off since October. I am so thankful that we made it this far. I had my 38-week checkup today and after the "check" Dr. H has decided that Cohen will be induced on Monday morning. That is of course he doesn't decide to come before :) I am still feeling great, but very tired. A little swelling in my ankles and face and the worst heartburn EVER!!! My total weight gain today was 16 pounds. I never had any food cravings this pregnancy. My blood pressure was a little elevated at my last appointment, but back to normal today. So, I am praying for a healthy baby boy on January 3rd, 2011!!! I have a feeling there will be a lot of emotions before Monday. I am a little sad to think that this pregnancy is coming to an end (for the most part, I love being pregnant). This could be my last time to be pregnant forever. I haven't fully decided on that, but David is pretty much told me three babies will be the final number. Maybe I can convince Caroline to beg her daddy for a sister someday :) Happy New Year to everyone and we will update pictures of baby Cohen next week!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saying Bye to December 2010.....

Here is my monthly random pictures that I have taken throughout the month :) I think 2010 flew by, but we are excited to welcome 2011 because we will had Cohen to the family!!

Sweet Caroline ready for MDO

Sassy, sassy!!

They are T-R-O-U-B-L-E when they together :)

Christmas light display we drove through with the kids one evening.

Headed to the circus.

Just hanging out before bed. Corbin is such a cheeser.

Peek-a-Boo I see you!!

Bathtime is so wild and crazy every night!!

Pointing to Twinkie as soon as he woke up. Corbin actually looked for him before Caroline each morning.

Playing stickers in the playroom.

Woo hoo, mommy got a girl's night out at the Sushi Cafe with Starla and Carol :)

Caroline loves building castles in my bathroom while I am getting ready.

Attempt at some cute pigtails.

Having a little snack before naptime. He is so squeezeable.

One of my favorite snapshots of Caroline. I love how she is so into me taking her picture.

Lelly feeding the kiddos dinner.

On her way to the mall.

Making silly faces before going to the park with Lelly.

Lelly had the kiddos all bundled up for a walk to the park.

I think Corbin is ready for a nap.

Cutest little red head I know!!

We had fun with this for about two days and Corbin kept trying to rip it off the wall. Maybe next year :)

Family Christmas Card 2010

Christmas Day 2010

The kids slept in until almost 9:30 Christmas morning. I was up by 7, just waiting for them to wake up, so I could see their little faces :) They were both so excited and overwhelmed with all that Santa had left them. Caroline was opening presents at lightning speed and then hurry to move on to other ones. Corbin was busy playing with all the toys that Caroline opened. I think Caroline opened most of Corbin's.

Corbin found the kitchen first.

I had to do red since the boys will probably play with it a lot too :)

Caroline is on a mission.

Trying to rip the package open.


Loves his Dance Mickey from Nana and Papa.

Caroline love it too!!

Checking out what Santa left in her stocking!!

Playing dress up with her new outfits.

Cuddling with Daddy after all the excitement of opening presents.

Checking out their easel.

Rockstar Caroline.

Having some breakfast with Lelly.

After naptime, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jason came over as well as Grandma. So, once again Caroline and Corbin were spoiled :)

Corbin making his silly face for Aunt Sarah.

I love my sister!! As you can tell I was worn out. I am not sleeping very well in the last part of pregnancy :)

Uncle Jason and Aunt Sarah with their sweet niece and nephew.

Posing in her apron and hat from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jason.

It's been a long day :)

But, we still have enough energy to play just a little longer.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Kelly's. May 2011 be the best year yet for EVERYONE!!!