November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WonderPlace 1 and 2-year birthday bash!!!

Caroline and Corbin's cupcakes

Birthday cups, one side is for Caroline

One side is for Corbin

Water bottles just for Caroline and Corbin

Mommy with her 1-year old (not sure where this year went)

Caroline playing at the vet clinic.

Daddy telling Caroline to help take care of the dog.

Uncle Jason K, Uncle Jason J, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Fred.

Caroline and Ally playing in the water table.

Michael and Shelley Cullum and baby Kendall on her way in November.

Attempt at a family portrait, the outcome of these pictures always crack me up.

Take two

Our family with Lelly and Grandma.

Take two with the Lelly and Grandma.

Corbin at on the puppet show stage.

Caroline going down the slide.

The Neipling family.

The Wilkerson family.

The Broadus family.

The Harris' (Mandi and Mallory) with cousin Anna.

Corbin's smash cake.

I went ahead and got Caroline a smash cake too!!

Corbin's cupcakes

Caroline's birthday banner.

Corbin's birthday banner.

Can I take your order please?

The Wirges family.

The Lada family.

Mary Ann and Anna Kate

The Kendrick family.

The Dougherty family.

Mathis and Liz

Susan and Ally

Caroline and Corbin's presents!!

Corbin and Penn having fun at the water table.

Some of the mommies :)

Katie Broadus, Kristan Vaughn, Shelley Cullum (expecting Kendall in November), me (expecting Cohen in January), Stephanie Neipling, and Cheri Wirges (expecting Mallori any day).

Love this precious face.

Sandra and her precious granddaughter Madison. Madison had a huge crush on Corbin.

Getting ready for cake time.

Here they both go.

Corbin wasn't so sure at first.

Okay, now this is lots of fun!!

Do you need some help "bubby", that is Caroline's name for Corbin :)

This is very good Mommy and Daddy!!

My little chunky monkey

Anna Kate and Mary Ann

Kristan Vaughn-thanks for taking all the wonderful pictures during the party!!

The Vaughn Family
Caroline and Corbin had a wonderful 1 and 2-year birthday bash at the Wonder Place. We rented out the facility private on a Sunday afternoon. It was just perfect for all the ages of kiddos to run wild and play and play. We had lots of special family and friends celebrate with us and it is a fun day we will never forget!! Also, Lelly flew in all the way from Florida to attend her little sweeties party. It was a very fun week!!! I want to tell Caroline and Corbin you are my heart and mommy loves you with every ounce of love I have :) Daddy and I are looking forward to many more birthday celebrations with you two little monkeys!! Thanks again to all of our wonderful family and friends for celebrating with us!!!