November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Be back soon....crazy moments!!

Yes, once again I am behind on blogging. The Kelly house has been very busy lately with sickness!! Poor Cohen was hospitalized for two nights at ACH for RSV. We are home now and he is doing much better. I will update about that later. This is going to be a lot of rambling, more like a journal entry, so I don't forget these moments. I also think once my kids are gone and out of the house, I will read my blog books and really miss these moments.

Worst hour of the day at the moment: Caroline 2.5, Corbin 19 months old (today), Cohen 7 weeks-
Caroline and Corbin go to Mother's Day Out three days a week and the most agonizing hour of the day is from 2-3pm each day. Once, I arrive at school to pick them up they have not taken naps, so that is the main cause, but WOW!!! Caroline demands for me to hold her, which is easy to do if I have Cohen in a stroller, but sometimes I take just the carrier in. Corbin usually doesn't want me to hold him and he runs away from me. So, I finally have all three headed to the car and the chaos begins and they are all three screaming. Today, I was almost in tears because I had the stroller and Corbin would not let me hold him or hold my hand, Caroline was on her knees crawling because she wanted me to hold her. I stopped the stroller on the sidewalk to go grab Caroline and Corbin because they would not come to the car, the stroller starts rolling and thankfully another mom caught it. I heard one mom say "there isn't a baby in the stroller". Wow, a really bad mommy moment on my part. Thankfully, most of the moms just have one child, so they are always willing to give me an extra hand. Then, the car ride home is constant screaming, then I struggle for at least 45 minutes getting Caroline and Corbin to sleep, then when there is finally silence, Cohen is screaming. Once, I had all three kids safely put in the car at MDO, I just sat there for three to four minutes and took deep breaths. Please moms with three or more kids tell me this is normal??!! I hate to even write this from a recent blog I ran across earlier today that was just heartbreaking!! I am so thankful for all three of my blessings, but please say a prayer for me Tues-Thurs from 2-3pm as it is 3 against 1 for sure. I plan to make time even if it is the middle of the night to keep this blog up. It is almost impossible to do a baby book for all three babes, so this is it. I want to blog about the good, bad and funniest days of my life. I want Caroline to be able to read our blog books once she has children and know that I went through all the things she is going through as a new mommy.

Also, big thanks to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jason that kept Caroline and Corbin Friday-Sunday while David and I were at the hospital with Cohen this past weekend. Also, thanks to Lelly she is flying in on Tuesday and staying for almost three weeks to help me keep Cohen indoors and away from germs for the month of March. I truly believe in the saying that it takes "an army" to raise a big family!!!

Also, you know caffeine is my best friend right now because as soon as I got the kids napping, I opened a Dr. Pepper and totally forgot I drove through before I picked the kids up and got a little treat from Starbucks. I do plan to stop drinking sodas, but enjoying them just a few more weeks before I start my exercise and eating much better routine.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day to all 4 of my Valentine's!!!

David and I are celebrating our 8th Valentine's together.
And now look at our three little Valentine's!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Caroline and her friends breaking it down at the dance.

Caroline went to the Daddy/Daughter dance with David last Saturday night . This is some hiliarious footage that David captured. Caroline was breaking it down with Presley, Avery and Adeline.

Caroline and Daddy's 2nd Annual Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Dance

This was actually the 6th Annual Daddy/Daughter dance for Maumelle. But, it is Caroline and David's 2nd Annual dance. Last year did not go near as well as this year. Caroline set off the fire alarms last year and basically ran away from David the whole time. This year, she was so excited to get dressed up and go dancing with daddy. When David came out of the room dressed, she said "Daddy, you look so hansome (handsome)"!!

This was Caroline last year 2010.
Daddy and Caroline last year at the Valentine's dance.

Now, look at me this year. I am so "sassy"!!

I love this. Corbin and Cohen stayed home with me and we had our own dance party. But, Corbin wasn't concerned about not going to the dance, he had my shoes to play in :)

Precious, makes my heart melt!!

Big squeeze for Corbin!! Caroline and Corbin are becoming best friends more and more everyday!! She tells him about a million times a day that she loves him. However, they still fight like crazy too!!

Posing with the such a tired mommy!!

Way too excited!!

Priceless, this will be in her slide show at her wedding reception for sure!!


Ready to dance all night!!

Taking a cupcake break.

All the girls waiting for the dj to play a song.

Yay, this is our favorite song.

Cohen's one month checkup~

Cohen's One Month Stats:

Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz (12-15%)

Height: 21 1/2 inches (50%)

Head Circumference: 14.5 inches (22%)
Cohen is eating every 3-4 hours and taking about 4-5 ounces. He loves to eat. Unfortunately, we are having to take the same road as we did with Caroline and Corbin. Cohen is on the special Nutramigen AA (amino acid) based formula and we are having to thicken it with simply thick. He has really bad reflux. So, Dr. B has prescribed Zantac twice a day. I feel so bad for him, I know this is why he is fussy 70% of the day and night. However, since this is my third time around I know it won't last forever. It just breaks my heart as a mommy to see my wee little one in pain. Reflux you are the devil in my house!!

Cohen weeks 3-4 at home :)

Cohen is such a sweet addition to our family. However, he loves to be held only. It is a challenge when Caroline and Corbin need me too!! That is why it is always easier when David is here to help or the better word would be to "rescue" me.

Sweet little boy loves his bath about 75% of the time.

Getting a little nap with daddy.

Cohen looks so much like Corbin in this picture. He cracks me up with his socks on, but if not he will scratch his face all up.

Big yawn.

Just looking around.

Getting some cuddle time with Uncle Jason.

Wow, my brother and sister are really loud!!

Good Morning baby Cohen.

Caroline is always ready to help me change his diapers.

Sleeping through all the excitement at the Wonder Place.

Sleeping through the picnic at Pinnacle Mountain :)

Getting hungry.

January Part Two...

The second part of January was a blur due to the exhaustion of having a newborn and keeping up with two toddlers. Thankfully, David was still home with me. I went solo during the day on January 31st :) I will do a post about that later, just about what my daily life is like with three babies.
It takes the whole crew to help me feed Cohen.

Handsome little man getting a hair cut.

We decided to go with a bob for Miss Caroline.

Katie and Lacey even got their hair trimmed :)

Posing at the Big Buck Classic.

The whole family tasting Uncle Jason's yummy chili.

This pretty much sums up Corbin's silly personality. I love it.

Snacktime after naptime.

Poor Caroline had the flu and fell asleep with Daddy. We all know that Caroline doesn't fall asleep this easy, ever!!

Another goofy shot of Corbin, as you can tell I get a lot of pictures of him in his highchair. It is the only place he is still for a minute and not running.

We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon before all the snow came and we took full advantage of a picnic at Pinnacle Mountain.

Some snow days activities.

Round two of snow.

Helping daddy make banana bread.

January Part One....

January was a very eventful month for us with the arrival of our new little boy. But, the kids had a lot of playtime with Lelly. It was nice to have Lesley here to help with the kids since David and I are were so tired from adjusting to a newborn again. It doesn't help that it is freezing outside, so we were all stuck inside together nonstop.

Caroline getting some coloring time in.

Climbing at the Wonder Place

Weee, he loves going down the slide.

Having fun with Aunt Sarah at the water table.

Playing dress up with Lelly.

Silly chicken!!

Having a "pretend" lunch with Corbin.

Craft time with Caroline.

Loving on her new brother, she is so in love with him. I am sure she was wanting Cohen to play with Barney.

Cuddle time with Aunt Sarah-Little Cohen was 5 days old.

Big Buck Classic-went to Uncle Jason's chili tasting contest.

Pretty pose.

Lelly leaving to go back to Florida. It is hard saying good bye :(