November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


To all my fellow bloggers. I have and may be out of commission for awhile. Last week all the pregnancy symptoms started and they were not joking around. My doctor called in some Zofran, which has helped a little with vomiting. Sorry, to be so graphic, but hey that is why I love my blog and I can say anything I want. I can't even begin to tell everyone how tired and sick I have been. Promise new posts coming soon. My mother-in-law gets in town Sunday, Hallelujah!! I am looking forward to getting some rest and some naps during the day!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Caroline's 5-month Photo Shoot!!

Lacey giving Caroline kisses!!

I love this one!! When Caroline is serious and playing with her toys, etc she always makes this face and puckers her lips out.

Caroline turned 5 months on Sunday. Wow, how time really does fly!!! She is so active these days, I know I have no idea what active is until she starts crawling and walking. She is so vocal, always talking, wonder who she gets that from??!! She is still having 5-6 bottles per day with 6-8 oz. She usually has oatmeal and a stage 1 fruit for breakfast and some sort of veggie for dinner. I will probably increase her solids at 6 months. She is sleeping so great at night, anywhere from 10-12 hours (David and I love it)!! She usually takes two really good naps per day!! Anytime I put her on a mat or the floor, she scoots all around. She can sit up by herself, but sometimes gets really excited and loses her balance!! We fall more and more in love with her everyday!! Here are some pics from this past weekend!!


David getting ready to eat his favorite cake ever!!
Yes, I had to have the first lick of icing!!

That dark spot in "Birthday" is a strawberry seed :)

I really need to keep my blogging up, but the time just gets away from me day to to day. I want to wish my wonderful husband a very Happy Birthday. David turned 29 and holding on Saturday. The only thing he wanted for his birthday was a cake from Mickey's and to play golf all day. He got both :) Also, Caroline wants to tell her daddy that "He is the BEST". When he got home we took Christmas pictures, that is a whole other story for a later post. After, that we changed in to some comfy clothes and he opened all his presents and we ate some yummy Mickey's cake. My mom and sister came over to celebrate with us. I only have these two pictures and yes I am licking the strawberry icing in the picture!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Save the best for last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David just made this face for fun!! I think it is how he felt when I first shared the news with him!!

Well, as you can all see I made lots and lots of new posts today, but I saved the best for last. Thanksgiving morning, we got a HUGE surprise. The pictures will tell it all!! My first appointment isn't until December 29th (that seems forever away)!! I am so nervous just because of my two miscarriages before Caroline!! So anyone that reads this, please please PRAY that everything is going to be perfect with baby #2. David and I were very shocked for a few days, but it has sunk in and we are more than EXCITED!! Caroline and her brother or sister are going to be 13 months apart!!!!

Much needed Girl's Night!!

Miranda, Susan, Teresa, Sarah, me, Carol and Jenny
Carol and I

Last Saturday night I had a very much needed Girl's Night. My good friend Susan had baby Ally about four weeks ago and her husband demanded that she get out of the house for awhile. What a wonderful husband. We all met at Cajun's for dinner. Poor Susan wasn't feeling good, but at least she got out of the house for awhile.

Just relaxing on Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving morning!! I love you so much Monkey!!

Here are some pictures of Caroline just relaxing on Thanksgiving night. Stay tuned for one other picture of Caroline coming soon!!

Caroline's first magazine debut!!

I want to thank all of our family and friends that voted for sweet Caroline in the Halloween costume contest. Little Rock Family just distributed their December issue and Caroline is on page 35. She got #8 in the contest. We are so excited and proud of her!!
P.S. They spelled her last name wrong, it happens to me on a daily basis. They spelled it Kelley :)

Look how big my feet are getting!!

It is amazing how fast Caroline is growing and changing everyday. Last night I took a few pics of her precious feet after dinner. She loves to grab her feet. It can make a huge mess when she is eating because she will put her fingers in her mouth and then grab her toes. We get food everywhere, that is why bath time is next!!

Lunch Date with Aunt Sarah

Caroline and I went to Conway to meet Sarah for lunch. Caroline did great and sat through the whole lunch and even let Sarah and I visit for a little while. Of course, as long as she was being held my mommy or Aunt Sarah.

I was playing with Mommy's scarf!!

I love Mommy's scarf!!

Caroline had just eaten her carrots before bath time. So, David was getting the bath all set up. He brought Caroline into my office, which you can see in the background is a disaster, trying to get it more organized. She was really fussy, so I thought she would like to play with my scarf, she loved it. Excuse the orange carrots all over little miss' face.

Getting ready for Christmas!!

See, I couldn't fit in the stocking like my mommy thought.

Trying to squirm away, this is my typical move when Mommy or Daddy tries to change my diaper.

My mommy gave me a candy cane, of course in the plastic to distract me for a few more pictures. Somehow, I managed to get the candy cane opened, it was yummy, but I only got one lick.

You can see my pitiful tear, this happened when Mommy tried to take it away from me.

I can't believe Caroline is about to experience her first Christmas. We haven't went to visit Santa yet, but we are planning to in the next few days. I was planning to stick Caroline down in this stocking but as you can see her chunky cheeks wouldn't fit!! Her poor face was so broken out, I think it is the cold weather and maybe some teething. I have heard that teething can make the area around their mouth break out, but not sure if that is correct. The next day it was gone.