November 2013 Family Photo

November 2013 Family Photo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Bunny Picture 2011~Classic!!!!

Caroline kept begging me to take her to see the Easter Bunny.  David and I took them last week and I knew this would be the scenario.  Caroline smiling, Corbin screaming and Cohen not having a clue who is holding him :)  Priceless for sure!!

Caroline and Corbin's class pictures.

Caroline and Corbin had their class pictures taken at Mother's Day Out.  They are all so sweet!!  Caroline and Corbin have made some wonderful friends this year :)

Teachers: Ms. Jessica, Ms. Lina
Backrow: Savannah S., Adeline H., Ben G., Kate T., Addison T.
Frontrow:  Olivia, Caroline, Greta Kate and Barrett

Ms. Jessica and Ms. Michelle
Macee, Corbin, Wyatt, Fiona, Walker and Emme

My babies are growing up way TOO FAST!!!

My babies are growing so fast!!  I know I take a zillion pictures, but I don't want to miss a thing. 

Cohen-3 months
Corbin didn't want me to take his picture until he was me take Caroline's, then he wanted me to take one of him drinking he milk :)
I was in a huge hurry one morning and Caroline offered to help me feed Cohen, while I got Corbin dressed.  She is such a good little helper.
Beautiful baby doll face.
We go to gymnastics just for fun with Maumelle Mommy and Me, she was so proud of her bar skills :)
Cohen looks so much like Corbin at this age.
Cuddle time before bed.
Handsome boy on his way to school for an Easter egg hunt.
I seriously could eat him up, he is the funniest and craziest little boy around.
Pretty girl wasn't quite awake.  Thanks Lelly for the cute outfit. 
Caroline being silly in the bath.

Last minute girl's night, just what I NEEDED!!

I met up with a few friends for a last minute girl's night out!!  It was much needed after a very hectic week with the kiddos.  Thanks girlies for a great time.
Rene, me, Hailey and Michelle

Friday, April 22, 2011

Garvan Gardens Tulip pictures!!

David and I decided to take the kids to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs before all the tulips were gone. We were hoping for wonderful pictures, but the kids were not in the picture mood. Thankfully, we went with our good friends John and Kristan Vaughn and they were able to capture some. Since, once we unloaded, I realized my camera was dead. We decided to let the kids skip naps, so after the gardens, we had an early dinner at Fisherman's Wharf and then headed home. By the time we go home it was time for bath and bed for the kids. It was a wonderful day, of course a little hectic since my kids require a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. They would not dare fall asleep on the way home, way too overtired.

Kristan did some really neat photoshop skills wiht the kids. I love it!!

Caroline loves smelling the flowers.

My sweet girl.

I love sweet Cohen with all my heart!!

Sweet angel face.

My two little men.

Handsome boy in yellow.

Pretty sure this face shows how wild this little boy is.

I love how Kristan did the photoshop with this one.

Best attempt at family pic

Caroline and Corbin having fun playing with Kendel.

My three little monkeys.

This is how Caroline was drerssed by the time we got there. She was very bored on the road trip.

Kendel and Caroline posing.

Silly girls.

Pure Innocence!!

Precious!! Corbin, Caroline and Kendel

I love Corbin in yellow.

Boys will be boys. John caught a snapshot of Corbin picking his nose.

Daddy running some energy out of the kiddos, picture time is over. It is time to get wild.

Anything that includes rough play, count Corbin in.

I think Daddy is having just as much fun as Caroline and Corbin.

Cohen just taking it all in.

Caroline was singing "Jesus Love Me" to Kendel.

Of course, we can't have a photoshoot without Caroline's pose :)